Dayens is a family owned company run by father and son, Dejan and Zoran Dobrin, electrical engineers and music enthusiasts.

Dayens was officially founded in 1991. Several years later, Dejan's son Zoran joined the company and now works along his father. Due to exceptional sound quality and reliability of their amplifiers and speakers Dayens products have gained enthusiastic following throughout the world.

All Dayens products are hand built by skillful craftsmen in Serbia.

Dayens Ampino Integrated Amp

DAYENS - Ampino Integrated Amp

So much more then you expect - It's a small miracle
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This Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier has deep accurate bass, plenty of depth and a nice sparkle on the top end. Though you will see where it ranks in a moment, this is the piece that left me most impressed. If you only have two sources and you wan...