Anouk Urban Solitude

ANOUK - Urban Solitude

1x LP 180g 33rpm =white vinyl=
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2016 EU reissue on 180g white vinyl LP-The follow-up album to Together Alone was released in 1999. It featured the singles "R U Kiddin' Me", "The Dark" and "Michel" and peaked at number #1 in the Dutch Album Top 100 chart.

Anouk Together Alone

ANOUK - Together Alone

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2016 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP-Together Alone is the debut album of Anouk, released in 1997. It features her hitsingle "Nobody's Wife" produced by Barry Hay, George Kooymans and John Sonneveld and the follow-up singles "Mood Indigo" and ....

Anouk Wen D'r Maar Aan

ANOUK - Wen D'r Maar Aan

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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2018 EU issue on 180g LP= with "Dominique" and "Lente"& "Het Is Klaar", Wen D'r Maar Aan is the successor to Fake It Till You Die and it is the first Dutch-language album by Anouk. Just like its previous albums, Anouk worked together with the Swedish p