Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday Billie Holiday, (1915 - 1959) is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential American jazz singers. She was, except as Billie Holiday, also known by the nickname Lady Day which tenor saxophonist Lester Young had given her. Holiday, in turn, was responsible for Youngs nickname Pres or Prez (short for President).

Important albums:
1950 Billie Holiday Sings
1950 Billie Holiday, Vol. 1
1950 Billie Holiday, Vol. 2
1953 An Evening with Billie Holiday
1954 Billie Holiday, Vol. 3
1954 Lady Sings the Blues
1955 Music for Torching
1955 All or Nothing at All
1956 Songs for Distingué
1956 Jazz Recital
1956 Velvet Moods
1956 A Recital by Billie Holiday
1957 Body and Soul
1958 Lady in Satin
Billie Holiday Lover Man


1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2016 EU reissue on 180g LP =Billie holiday’s earliest sessions for Decca Records, recorded between 1944 and 1947. For the first time she was accompanied by studio orchestras with strings and one of the songs, “Lover Man”, became her biggest hit.

Billie Holiday Lady Sings the Blues

BILLIE HOLIDAY - Lady Sings the Blues

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm Virgin Vinyl = Remastered=
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2011 EU reissue on 180g LP- Taken from a pair of sessions taped during 1955-1956, Lady Sings the Blues finds Billie Holiday in top form and backed by the sympathetic likes of tenor saxophonist Paul Quinichette, trumpeters Charlie Shavers and Harry Ed...

Billie Holiday Commodore Days

BILLIE HOLIDAY - Commodore Days

1XLP 140g. HQ vinyl 33RPM
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(originally recorded in 1939-44)-2014 EU reissue Vinyl LP edition, pressed on 140gram VIRGIN VINYL=The "Strange Fruit" session for Commodore, was one of those historic moments and part of Holiday's legend hinges on the tr...

Billie Holiday Recital


1x LP 180g 33rpm+mp3
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2015 EU repressed on 180g =This album compiles numbers from 1952 and 1954 which were recorded (in mono of course) with various accompanists. The musicians themselves kept a low profile out of respect for Billie Holiday; even Oscar Peterson shows hims...

Billie Holiday Lady In Satin


1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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2015 EU reissue on 180g LP=1958's Lady In Satin is the last major recording of Billie Holiday that was released during her lifetime, and it is also the most controversial. Ray Ellis' arrangements seem like a harsh contrast to Holiday's broken and ...

Billie Holiday Velvet Mood + bonus track

BILLIE HOLIDAY - Velvet Mood + bonus track

1XLP 180g vinyl 33rpm+bonus track
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originally released in 1956-2014 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP-Captures the 41-year-old Holiday Backed by Harry Sweets Edison, Benny Carter, Jimmy Rowles, Barney Kessel, John Simmons & Larry Bunker, with Billie's edgy vocal perfectly set against the.....

Billie Holiday All or Nothing At All

BILLIE HOLIDAY - All or Nothing At All

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2012 EU reissue on 180g LP = features some of Billie Holiday's top Verve performances from the mid-'50s. Over the course of cuts, she runs the emotional gamut from summery optimism ("Love Is Here to Stay") to pathos-rich musings ("Ill Wind"). Befitting he

Billie Holiday Essential


1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2016 EU reissue on 180 g vinyl LP = Billie Holiday’s 1956 Carnegie Hall concert was a high spot in an uneven later career. The programme was interspersed with readings (by Gilbert Millstein) from her autobiography. Nat Hentoff wrote: “The audience wa...

Billie Holiday Solitude


1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2015 issued on 180g LP -Billie Holiday's first recordings for Norman Granz' Clef Records present a vocalist truly at the top of her craft, although she would begin a rapid decline soon thereafter. This 1952 recording (originally issued as a 10" LP...