Basic idea of Dayens started as a dream in the 80s. Love for music and whish to become a part of music and artistic creation lead us in design and manufature of audio products.

It all started in Mr. Dejan Dobrins student days when he finished his first DIY project with Visaton loudspekers. After that he designed his first amplifer. A Logic step was foundation of comany named Dayens in 1991. Since then they are present on Serbian market.

Dayens is manufacturing integrated amplifers, power amplifers and preamplifers. All products are handmade in Serbia. 

Dayens Ampino Integrated Amp

DAYENS - Ampino Integrated Amp

So much more then you expect - It's a small miracle
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This Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier has deep accurate bass, plenty of depth and a nice sparkle on the top end. Though you will see where it ranks in a moment, this is the piece that left me most impressed. If you only have two sources and you wan...