Grant Green

Grant Green Grant Green was a jazz guitarist and composer.
Green played various styles including hard bop, bebop, soul jazz and blues. During the bebop period he created a reintroduction of the guitar as a solo instrument in jazz. Green is known that he was a great admirer of Charlie Christian and Charlie Parker.

1960-61 First Session (released in 2001)
1961     Grant's First Stand
1961     Green Street
1961     Sunday Mornin'
1961     Grantstand
1961     Remembering (released in 1980 )
1961     Gooden's Corner (released in 1980 )
1962     Nigeria (released in 1980 )
1962     Oleo (released in 1980 )
1962     Born to Be Blue (released in 1985 )
1962     The Latin Bit
1962     Goin' West (released in 1969 )
1962     Feelin' the Spirit
1963     Blues for Lou (released in 1999 )
1963     Am I Blue
1963     Idle Moments (released in 1964 )
1964     Matador (released in 1979 )
1964     Solid (released in 1979 )
1964     Talkin' About!
1964     Street of Dreams
1965     I Want to Hold Your Hand
1969     Carryin' On
1970     Green Is Beautiful
1970     Alive!
1971     Live at Club Mozambique (released in 2006)
1971     Visions
1971     Shades of Green
1971     The Final Comedown (released in 1972 )
1972     Live at The Lighthouse

1961     Reaching Out --    Black Lion Records
1965     His Majesty King Funk --    Verve
1967     Iron City  --- Cobblestone (Released in 1972)
1976     The Main Attraction  -- Kudu
1978     Easy  -  Versatile
Grant Green Idle Moments

GRANT GREEN - Idle Moments

1x LP standard 33rpm
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2017 Blue Note reissue on 180g LP =Idle Moments is a 1964 jazz album by guitarist Grant Green. best known for the title piece, a slow composition in C minor which lasts for nearly 15 minutes.

Grant Green Idle Moments

GRANT GREEN - Idle Moments

2x LP 200 gr. HQ Vinyl 45RPM =AcousTech=
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Originally released in 1964 - 2009 US Stereo reissue on 180g vinyl 45RPM double LP, nummbered-Grant Green was, along with Wes Montgomery, the top new jazz guitarist to become prominent in the early 1960s. Due to his single-note style (Green rarely ev...

Grant Green Final Comedown

GRANT GREEN - Final Comedown

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm HQ vinyl
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originally released in 1961 - 2006 UK limited edition audiophile issue of the 1961 7track LP pressed on 180gm vinyl The Final Comedown was Blue Notes first film soundtrack and is an excellent debut into the Blaxploitation soundtrack genre of the peri...

Grant Green Matador


1x LP standard 33rpm vinyl
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2015 BLUENOTE reissue on 180g LP -One of the great jazz guitarists of the 1960s, with a clear tone and a unique emphasis on single-note lines. Grant Green recorded so much high-quality music for Blue Note during the first half of the '60s that a num...