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ProJect Tonearm 8.6 Carbon Upgrade

PROJECT - Tonearm 8.6 Carbon Upgrade

8.6inch Carbon Tonearm replacement
-- In Stock --

This is the well known 8,6 inch Carbon Tonearm from Project. It is a nice upgrade for a standard project Debut or Debut-II. Length 218.5mm, Eff.armmass 6.0 grams, overhang 18,5mm
Easy slot-in for Debut models. For Debut with fixed armcable you will ...

ProJect Acryl-It Platter for ProJect Debut & 1Xpression

PROJECT - Acryl-It Platter for ProJect Debut & 1Xpression

for Debut or Xpression (and some MusicHall) turntables
-- In Stock --

Upgrade your Debut or Xpression turntable to „Esprit“-standards.with Acryl it. Acryl it is made from acrylic with satinised surface and brings a more liquid sound that leaves no space for platter resonances.
The change is easily made: just exchang...

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ProJect Speedbox S

PROJECT - Speedbox S

Check compatibility list
-- In Stock --

A very useful accessory for many Pro-Ject turntables, that do not offer a built-in electronic speed change. The Speed Box S performs this change by the push of a button between 33 and 45 rpm! The quartz regulation and filter circuit gives a far bette...

ProJect Vinyl Cleaner VC-S

PROJECT - Vinyl Cleaner VC-S

Special clamp keeps your recordlabel dry
-- In Stock --

The Pro-Ject VC-S Vinyl Cleaning Machine is an extremely capable system that removes dirt and dust from your valuable records. It works fast and easy. The special clamp keeps your recordlabel dry.

ProJect The Classic

PROJECT - The Classic

Available in three nice wood colours
-- In Stock --

This turntable makes use of traditional frame design which was established by the famous turntable manufacturers of the 50's and 60's. It uses a compact simple and elegant form factor. The Classic incorporates a combination of approved belt drive d...

ProJect Essential III Phono

PROJECT - Essential III Phono

essential iii phono includ ortofon om10
-- In Stock --

Essential III Phono integrating convenience! Ortofon OM10 cartridge pre-mounted
Belt drive with synchronous motor and silicone belt
Integrated MM phono stage
Diamond cut aluminium drive pulley
Chassis & platter made of resonance in-sensitive MDF

ProJect Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

PROJECT - Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

For Project turntable truntable spindle oil
-- In Stock --

Pro-Ject Lube-it(Silent Groove Oil) It is a high-tech lubricant that ensures your turntable spins at a constant velocity. High-tech lubricant for constant velocity.

ProJect Cover for Project - Small

PROJECT - Cover for Project - Small

Original replacement
-- In Stock --

There's no need to suffer the indignity of a broken or scuffed up dust cover on your Pro-Ject Debut turntable! Simply replace the dust cover with a new one! Replacing the old cover is very easy, requiring only a pair of hands and the ability to gent...

ProJect Debut 3

PROJECT - Debut 3

with Ortofon OM5E
-- In Stock --

De meest bekende “instap”draaitafel van Pro-Ject! De Debut-3 DC is standaard uitgevoerd met een gemonteerd en afgesteld Ortofon OM5E element. HIGH QUALITY ENTRY LEVEL CLASSIC WITH A VERY LOW PRICE, with ORTOFON OM5E Element

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ProJect Counterweight  =55gram/75gram

PROJECT - Counterweight =55gram/75gram

Choose the right counterweight for your Cartridge
-- In Stock --

For the Ortofon 2M-series :
Debut Carbon models: 55 gram counterweight (type 08.)
Standard Debut models: 75 gram counterweight (type 01)

ProJect Drive belt for Xperience

PROJECT - Drive belt for Xperience

Round or Square type
-- In Stock --

Replacement Drive belt for ProJect Xperience. Available as Round or Square belt type.

ProJect 1Xpression Carbon Classic

PROJECT - 1Xpression Carbon Classic

New Carbon EVO arm
-- In Stock --

Inmiddels de 6-de generatie na de allereerste Pro-Ject-1 platenspeler. Een compleet nieuwe toonarm vervaardigt uit één stuk carbonfiber, gemonteerd in een arm lager behuizing welke is afgeleid van de veel duurdere Carbonfiber Evolution toonarmen. Zel...

ProJect Cover for Project - Large

PROJECT - Cover for Project - Large

Original replacement
-- In Stock --

There's no need to suffer the indignity of a broken or scuffed up dust cover on your Pro-Ject turntable! Simply replace the dust cover with a new one! Replacing the old cover is very easy, requiring only a pair of hands and the ability to gent...

ProJect Cork-it 12inch mat

PROJECT - Cork-it 12inch mat

-- In Stock --

A very cost-effective way to improve the sound and have less noise by static and dust. You will hear the difference! Features: Alternative platter mats with special sound characteristics, Substitutes felt mats, Damping of resonances from metal tu...

ProJect Strobe-it Allignment Disc

PROJECT - Strobe-it Allignment Disc

Speed Check and Cartridge Alingment
-- In Stock --

Stroboscopic Measure Tool for Turntables very simple very helpfull. The strobe-it has two functions: It allows you to check the correct speed of your turntable and on the back of the strobeit you find a tool to adjust the position of your cartridge i...

ProJect Drive belt for RPM1 and RPM1.3

PROJECT - Drive belt for RPM1 and RPM1.3

Available in Black or White
-- In Stock --

Replacement Drive belt for ProJect RPM1 (all variants), RPM1.3 (all variants) and Xperience Basic+, Round type. Available in white or black.

ProJect Feltmat for 30cm platter

PROJECT - Feltmat for 30cm platter

for most turntables
-- In Stock --

ProJect Feltmat with diameter 29cm. Ment for use with most turntables.
Measure your platter before you order. Also available for 28cm ProJect Debut turntable.Not all colors shown in picture are availabe.

ProJect Phono Box S

PROJECT - Phono Box S

Black or Silver available
-- In Stock --

Sonic quality of Phono Box S is extremely impressive, a big improvement and a perfect upgrade for most analogue hifi system.
With a wide range of setting parameters, it can meet the needs of almost any phono cartridge on the market. A switchable s...

ProJect Debut Carbon DC 2Mred

PROJECT - Debut Carbon DC 2Mred

Many colors available
-- In Stock --

De belangrijkste verbetering van de nieuwe Debut Carbon DC ten opzichte van de Debut-3 is uiteraard de carbonfiber toonarm welke uit één stuk is vervaardigd. Carbonfiber heeft een zeer hoge stijfheid en onderdrukt daardoor ongewenste resonanties. Daa...

ProJect Drive belt for Perspective

PROJECT - Drive belt for Perspective

Original ProJect Belt1940 675 049
-- In Stock --

Replacement Drive belt for ProJect Perspective, Flat type

ProJect Leather-it Mat

PROJECT - Leather-it Mat

available in Black or Grey
-- In Stock --

30 cm plateaumat van leer leverbaar in zwart en licht grijs. The ProJect Leather it turntable mat is designed to enhance the sound of your turntable Fitting over the spindle the mat reduces vibration transfer allowing your cartridge to deliver high.....

ProJect Ground-it deluxe 1

PROJECT - Ground-it deluxe 1

ground-it deluxe 1
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!   1 review  

Weighing in at nearly 12 kilograms the ProJect Ground It Deluxe 1 sets a new standard in massloaded turntable isolation platforms Finished in a highgrade piano gray lacquer. The Ground It Deluxe comes complete with height adjustable machined cone fe....

ProJect Measure-it 2 =High precison stylus balance=

PROJECT - Measure-it 2 =High precison stylus balance=

1x high precision stylus balance
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!   1 review  

Simple to use and incredibly accurate .The newest Digital Stylus Force Gauge on the market is also the most accurate This one gets it all right. it measures at the exact height of a record for better accuracy. Its measurement range is between 0,001 a...

ProJect RPM1 Carbon


Verbeterde versie van de RPM1.3 met Carbon Arm
-- In Stock --

The New Pro-Ject RPM-1 Carbon utilizes a lot of innovations and enhancements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an u...

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