Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós an Icelandic post-rock band from Reykjavík, which has been active since 1994. Known for its ethereal sound, frontman Jónsi Birgisson's falsetto vocals, and the use of bowed guitar,[2] the band's music is also noticeable for its incorporation of classical and minimalist aesthetic elements. The band is named after Jónsi's sister Sigurrós Elín.

Von (1997)
Ágætis byrjun (1999)
( ) (2002)
Takk... (2005)
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (2008)
Valtari (2012)
Kveikur (2013)

Sigur Ros (Untitled) =2LP +bonus CD

SIGUR ROS - (Untitled) =2LP +bonus CD

2XLP 180g 33rpm + Bonus CD
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Originally released in 2002 - 2015 EU reissue on audiophile 180g vinyl 2LP+ CD-the third full-length album from Icelandic band Sigur Rós, first released in October 2002. It comprises eight untitled tracks, divided into two parts: the first four track...

Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun

SIGUR ROS - Agaetis Byrjun

2XLP 180g + Bonus CD
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Originally released in 1999 - 2013 EU reissue on audiophile 180g vinyl LP+ CD version- A lot of people have one album that changes their lives, something that in some way alters everything after the first moment the hear it. 1999's Agaetis Byrjun is...

Sigur Ros Von


2xLP 180g 33rpm vinyl+ CD
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Originally released in 1997 - 2015 EU reissue on audiophile 180g vinyl 2LP+ CD-Originally issued in 1997, Von (hope) is the debut full-length album from widely acclaimed Icelandic post-rock outfit Sigur Ros. The sound across these 12 tracks is reassu...

Sigur Ros Kveikur

SIGUR ROS - Kveikur

2x LP limited edition + download
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2013 EU vinyl We had been waiting on this one as they hadnt specified what the limited release was going to include on the XL site & now they have XL and confirmed by rough trade now show a limited 10&8243 with the 2xLP preorder of the album Were not...