Watsons VinylCare

Watsons VinylCare Watson's RCM Record Cleaning machine

WATSONS VINYLCARE - Watson's RCM Record Cleaning machine

Very nice made and a small footprint
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The Watson's record Cleaning Machine is solid built. The full aluminium body forms a strong base for all it's components. The platter is stable and smaller then the record. This smaller size keeps the platter dry when you mistakenly apply to much f...

Watsons VinylCare Turntable Speed Checker

WATSONS VINYLCARE - Turntable Speed Checker

Super handy - very accurate
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Check your turntable speed very precise with the Dr. Watson RPM meter. Measures turntable RPM by use of a light emitting led and a measurement cel. Delivered together with reflective tape. Very precise measurement with three digits after the comma.

Watsons VinylCare Watsons Record Cleaning Fluid

WATSONS VINYLCARE - Watsons Record Cleaning Fluid

cleaning fluid
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Developed for use in combination with the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine, Watson’s Record Cleaning Fluid gently, effectively, safely and completely loosens, lifts, and removes dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, and other contaminants from your valuable

Watsons VinylCare Brush


cleaning fluid
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With thousands of bristles made of PVC, the cleaning brush provided with the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine system is a part of an integrated, high-quality, precision-engineered system. The brush was expertly designed to add decades to the lifetime of y

Watsons VinylCare Felt Strips (2 pairs)

WATSONS VINYLCARE - Felt Strips (2 pairs)

cleaning fluid
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Incl. two pairs of strips for the 12-inch cleaning arm = Keep your vacuum arm's touch light, soft, and perfectly clean when it comes into contact with your treasured vinyl collection by changing the replaceable felt strips on the vacuum arm(s) before they

Watsons VinylCare 7 inch Vacuum Arm

WATSONS VINYLCARE - 7 inch Vacuum Arm

7inch vacuum arm
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This dedicated cleaning arm is designed exclusively for use with 7inch vinyl records on the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine, the 7-inch vacuum arm quickly & thoroughly removes all traces of cleaning fluid, along with debris that was removed by the brush