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CP 1 Phono stage

  MM phonostage - Black or Silver  

Hear Naturalism, Warmth, and Dynamics from Vinyl LPs for a Song: High-Value Cambridge Audio CP1 Moving-Magnet Phono Preamplifer Features Class A Gain Stage and Balance Control

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High-quality vinyl playback needn't cost a fortune with the Cambridge Audio CP1 moving-magnet phono preamplifier. Able to wring the musicality, warmth, naturalism, and dynamics from vinyl LPs, CP1 boasts a single-ended Class A gain stage with passive RIAA equalization as well as balance control to correct for cartridge imbalance. Offering exceptionally quiet performance in its price range, CP1 is built with discrete transistors in the important input stages rather than the more common, and noisier, integrated circuits. An acoustically damped, all-metal chassis with a thick, brushed-aluminum front panel provides stability and elegance. Plus, if you don't need moving-coil compatibility, CP1 lets you save and have more money to spend on records. Offering purity and clarity that surpasses many built-in phono preamplifiers, the ultra-slim CP1 makes analog magic affordable and addictive
Phonostage: MM phonostage - Black or Silver
Input impedance, MM: 47K 220pF
Gain, MM: 39dB
Output Voltage, MM: 330 mV
Noise floor, MM: 20Hz-20kHz<0.009%
THD, MM: 20Hz-20kHz<0.009%
RIAA curve accuracy: <+/-0.65dB 25hz-20kHz
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