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Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic

CLEARAUDIO - Double Matrix Professional Sonic

Double sided Sonic and Brush Cleaning
-- In Stock --

The Sonic refers to a sonic option, in which sonic vibrations enable deep cleaning while being gentle and almost noisefree. Variable speed operation and static electricity removal as part of the cleaning process ensure perfect results.

Tonar Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

TONAR - Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

-- In Stock --

Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)
Een naaldborstel voorzien van carbon haartjes voor het reinigen van de naald. Deze borstel is voorzien van duizenden carbon haartjes. Ze beschadigen de naald absoluut niet.De fijne carbon haartjes verwijderen ...

Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion II

GUNS N ROSES - Use Your Illusion II

2x LP 180 gr.33rpm+download
-- In Stock --

2008 EU reissue on 180g 2LP +MP3 download = Use Your Illusion II (1981)is even more serious and ambitious than part I. Featuring the singles "Knocking On Heavens Door", "Civil War", "You Could Be Mine", " Yesterdays" & "Pretty Tied Up." Pr...

ProJect Acryl-It Platter for ProJect Debut & 1Xpression =B choice=

PROJECT - Acryl-It Platter for ProJect Debut & 1Xpression =B choice=

for Debut or Xpression (and some MusicHall) turntables
-- In Stock --   1 review  

(with traces of use) Upgrade your Debut or Xpression turntable to „Esprit“-standards.with Acryl it. Acryl it is made from acrylic with satinised surface and brings a more liquid sound that leaves no space for platter resonances.
The change is easily ma

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Jelco Tonearm connector 5 pin DIN

JELCO - Tonearm connector 5 pin DIN

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

Jelco 5 pin DIN Gold plated tonearm connector.

Van den Hul D - 502 Hybrid (Halogen Free)

VAN DEN HUL - D - 502 Hybrid (Halogen Free)

Twin version of van den Hul D-501
-- In Stock --

The D - 502 HYBRID is the twin version of the D - 501 HYBRID. Sonically the D - 502 HYBRID is one of our best products at a very affordable price. Its conductors’ combined quantity of silver and Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) are the best option av...

ProJect Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

PROJECT - Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

For Project turntable truntable spindle oil
-- In Stock --

Pro-Ject Lube-it(Silent Groove Oil) It is a high-tech lubricant that ensures your turntable spins at a constant velocity. High-tech lubricant for constant velocity.

Tonar Nostatic Mat II

TONAR - Nostatic Mat II

Improved Verion
-- In Stock --

The Nostatic mat II improved, is one of the bestselling Tonar record turntable accessories. The mat is made of a combination of felt mixed with carbon fibers. The felt cushions the record and damps the vibrations caused by acoustic feedback to the r...

Michell Engineering Reflex Record Clamp


for most turntables
-- In Stock --

Black Delrin record clamp with anodised aluminium knob for use on all turntables. The Michell Record Clamp brings the record into more intimate contact with the platter. For Rega you need to order a different version because the spindle is lower.

Michell Engineering TecnoWeight


Armweight for Rega
-- In Stock --

This really is a significant upgrade for Rega tonearm owners and their various derivatives with an RB-250,RB-300, RB-600 arm or RB-900. This counterweight is precision engineered as with all Michell products and this is the one that is supplied wi...

Nagaoka Inner Record Sleeves 102 -RS-LP =50pcs=

NAGAOKA - Inner Record Sleeves 102 -RS-LP =50pcs=

RS-LP-50pcs a pack
-- In Stock --

Nagaoka Record Sleeves are fine Ushaped AntiStatic Inner sleeves perfect either as a substitute for the original sleeve or for storing newly cleaned records Their shape makes them particularly useful for inserting into original paper sleeves

VinylVinyl Record LP Hanger

VINYLVINYL - Record LP Hanger

display for presentation of 5 LP's
-- In Stock --

LP decorative display - wall display
Decorative display for presentation of 5 long-playing records. Two eyelets allow easy mounting on walls.

Colour: transparent

Size approx.:
Width: 1650 mm
Depth: 333 mm

Strength approx.:
0.15 mm

Knosti Disco Antistat mkII Record Cleaning Machine

KNOSTI - Disco Antistat mkII Record Cleaning Machine

1x deluxe set -Improved version of the best known record cleaning solution-
-- In Stock --

The mkII version of the world's best selling vinyl cleaning system. Many improvements over the previous model and still much cheaper then the nearest rival.

Rega Planar1

REGA - Planar1

Brand new Planar1
-- In Stock --

The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. Now with preset bias force on the brand new RB110 tonearm, the Planar 1 is set up in seconds after unpacking. Simply slide the balance weight onto the rear of the tonearm as far as it...

Hana SH Cartridge

HANA - SH Cartridge

MC 2.0mV Shibata
-- In Stock --

The Hana SH cartridge is a high output MC model. Output voltage is 2.0mV at 1kHz. Hana Cartridges' highly rigid aluminium cantilever are assembled with crossed armatures to reproduce dynamic sound! The SH model has a Shibata style diamond tip.

Tonar Banana DJ Cartridge

TONAR - Banana DJ Cartridge

-- In Stock --

Professional, yellow and strong on bass, made by Ortofon . A stylus that meets the high demands of DJs. The special heavy-duty suspension of the headshell and the spherical diamond guarantee reliable tracking. An integrated weight ring creates heavin...

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Tonar Banana DJ stylus

TONAR - Banana DJ stylus

dj stylus
-- In Stock --

The Banana DJ needle is best matched specifically for the Tonar Banana Cartridge. See related items below for the complete Banana Cartridge. This is a DJ stylus for DJ activities not intended for HiFi home use.

Okki Nokki viltstrips

OKKI NOKKI - viltstrips

-- In Stock --

Op de vacuum arm bevinden zich twee zelfklevende viltstrips.
Deze zorgen dat de vacuum arm geen contact kan maken met de grammofoonplaat tijdens het wegzuigen van de vloeistof
Gebruik alleen deze strips en vervang ze niet door de zachte kant van ...

ProJect Measure it II - Digital Tracking Force Gauge

PROJECT - Measure it II - Digital Tracking Force Gauge

1x high precision stylus balance
-- In Stock --   1 review  

Simple to use and incredibly accurate .The newest Digital Stylus Force Gauge on the market is also the most accurate This one gets it all right. it measures at the exact height of a record for better accuracy. Its measurement range is between 0,001 a...

Nagaoka Hi-Clean 801

NAGAOKA - Hi-Clean 801

1x stylus cleaner
-- In Stock --

Flesje met 10 ml naaldtip reiniger van Nagaoka Reinigt en beschermt de naaldtip voor een langere levensduur Met in dop g...

Audio Technica Cartridge Gel Stylus Cleaner

AUDIO TECHNICA - Cartridge Gel Stylus Cleaner

gel stylus cleaner
-- In Stock --

Adhesive Gel needle point cleaner from Audio-Technica AT617a
Product Highlights :
Removes Dirt/Dust from Stylus Tip
Specially Formulated Polyurethane Gel
Washable Surface
Supports Repeated Use
Remains Tacky for Years

ProJect 2Xperience Classic

PROJECT - 2Xperience Classic

manual, cartridge not included
-- In Stock --

Available finishes. Mahogany or Olive veneer and Piano-lacquered black
A quiet running AC motor with a two-step pulley drives the platter's outside edge via a belt.
The transparent acrylic plinth stands on three height-adjustable Sor....

Sumiko Oyster

SUMIKO - Oyster

spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output.
-- In Stock --

Moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever. Bonded spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output.

Mobile Fidelity MOFI Geo-Disc


Best Selling Cartridge Tool
-- In Stock --

The MFSL GEO-DISC makes cartridge setup easy! You will never realize the full potential of your cartridge without setting it up properly, but let's face it... mounting and aligning a phono cartridge can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Not so ...

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