Genius / GZA
Liquid Swords

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2011 US repressed on red & blue coloured 2LP =from one of the founding members of the hugely influential Wu-Tang Clan, it is not only the best of the solo projects, but one of the best hip hop albums ever recorded. This is the prime of Wu Tang Clan a...

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Release date:12-05-2011(originally released in 1995)
2011 US repressed on 2LP =from one of the founding members of the hugely influential Wu-Tang Clan, it is not only the best of the solo projects, but one of the best hip hop albums ever recorded. This is the prime of Wu Tang Clan and when east coast hip hop was delivering absolute fire with almost every release.
A1 Liquid Swords
A2 Duel Of The Iron Mic
A3 Living In The World Today
B1 Gold 3:57
B2 Cold World
B3 Labels
C1 4th Chamber
C2 Shadowboxin'
C3 Hell's Wind Staff
C4 Killah Hills 10304
D1 Investigative Reports
D2 Swordsman
D3 I Gotcha Back
Often acclaimed as the best Wu-Tang solo project of all, Liquid Swords cemented the Genius/GZA's reputation as the best pure lyricist in the group -- and one of the best of the '90s. Rich in allusions and images, his cerebral, easy-flowing rhymes are perhaps the subtlest and most nuanced of any Wu MC, as underscored by his smooth, low-key delivery. The Genius' eerie calm is a great match for RZA's atmospheric production, which is tremendously effective in this context; the kung fu dialogue here is among the creepiest he's put on record, and he experiments quite a bit with stranger sounds and more layered tracks. Not only is RZA in top form, but every Clan member makes at least one appearance on the album, making it all the more impressive that Liquid Swords clearly remains the Genius' showcase throughout. All of his collaborators shape themselves to his quietly intimidating style, giving Liquid Swords a strongly consistent tone and making it an album that gradually slithers its way under your skin. Mixing gritty story-songs and battle rhymes built on elaborate metaphors (martial arts and chess are two favorites), the Genius brings his lyrical prowess to the forefront of every track, leaving no doubt about how he earned his nickname. Creepily understated tracks like "Liquid Swords," "Cold World," "Investigative Reports," and "I Gotcha Back" are the album's bread and butter, but there's the occasional lighter moment ("Labels" incorporates the names of as many record companies as possible) and spiritual digression ("Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth"). Overall, though, Liquid Swords is possibly the most unsettling album in the Wu canon (even ahead of Ol' Dirty Bastard), and it ranks with Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx as one of the group's undisputed classics.
Genius / GZA or simply GZA (pronouced 'jizza'), was born on August 22, 1966 in Brooklyn, New-York. He is an African-American rapper, member of hip-hop supergroup Wu-Tang Clan. He is known for his elaborate metaphors and his constant use of skillful wordplay. GZA is a great chess player and he is also the oldest member of the Wu-Tang Clan. 
Before the well-acclaimed "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)", he dropped "Words From The Genius" on legendary label Cold Chillin', but the album, however, was a flop. In 1995 he released the dark, kung-fu inspired, but still widely-acclaimed "Liquid Swords", that is considered one of the best Wu-Tang solo albums alongside Raekwon's "Only Built For Cuban Linx". He then dropped "Beneath The Surface" and "Legend Of The Liquid Sword, in 1999 and 2002, respectively, that weren't as succesfull as his second solo album. In 2004 he appeared, with his cousin RZA, alongside actor Bill Murray in Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee And Cigarettes", which was a movie casting actors such as Cate Blanchet and Alfred Molina. Genius / GZA also worked with DJ Muggs on an album named "Grandmasters" in 2005, that "confronted" GZA's sharp lyrical skills to Muggs' production mastery and his versatility. This project was critically acclaimed. Also in 2005, Genius / GZA signed with Babygrande Records and is currently working onto another project called "The GZA Presents".
Discs: 2
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): standard
Speed(33,45): 33rpm
Opm(Ltd,Colored,PictureDisc): US Import=Red & Blue coloured=limited
Label: get on down
Originally released: 1995
This release: 2011
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