Ghost/Ghost B. C.

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(Originally releasd in 2013)2015 reissue on 180g coloured vinyl LP - Ghosts debut album Opus Eponymous (2011) was his "Mercyful Fate-meets-Blue Öyster Cult' formula a classic in the making. Now reverse the Satan worshipers shrouded in anonymity back with

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Release date: 30-07-2015(Originally releasd in 2013)

2015 reissue on 180g purple vinyl LP - Ghosts debut album Opus Eponymous (2011) was his "Mercyful Fate-meets-Blue Öyster Cult' formula a classic in the making. Now reverse the Satan worshipers shrouded in anonymity back with Infestissumam. The front of this second album of the Swedes, as well as many of the lyrics revolve around the coming of the Antichrist. You should keep only of: diabolical weighty themes. To counterbalance this album contains enough however frivolous pop influences from the seventies corner (think Abba). Additionally Ghost sound has been extended with other elements. Infestissumam is therefore still of interest to fans of the first hour.

A1 Infestissamum 
A2 Per Aspera Ad Inferi 
A3 Secular Haze 
A4 Jigolol Har Megiddo 
A5 Ghuleh / Zombie Queen 

B1 Year Zero 
B2 Body And Blood 
B3 Idolatrine 
B4 Depth Of Satan's Eyes 
B5 Monstrance Clock

The album kicks off with a solemn symphonic intro in Latin. Per Aspera Ad Inferi then opens with a riff that again strongly to that of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate reminds. Hope dawns. However, the composition is very patchy: they do not feel as a whole, making the dark impact did not happen. Hard but uncertain. That also applies to subsequent Secular Haze. These numbers lack the catchy choruses that Opus Eponymous into a hit. At which point does the doll-like, sixties-style Jigolo Har Megiddo (the beginning riff seems like spitting image of The Kinks' Dead End Street) a little better, but also is quite sluggish.

No, you could argue that Infestissumam really starts with number five, Guleh / Zombie Queen. The first part of this composition is essentially a drawn-out intro with a lot of seventies progressive rock guitar sounds and high tones reminiscent of the melancholy passages of Iced Earth. After three minutes a clever transition and is doing great majestic chorus Zombie Queen introduced. Purely on the basis of these catchy melodies, this is already a highlight. The uptempo Year Zero continues in the same style with an almost equally good, but more ominous chorus. Very successful, with vocals and keyboard parts reminiscent of US metal legend Warlord. The level of Opus Eponymous is approached.

Unfortunately, the ensuing Body And Blood and Idolatrine again quite frivolous, almost jolly songs that suggest self-parody. Some will be able to appreciate them, the other will wistfully longing for sinister hits like Elizabeth and Stand By Him on the previous album. Fortunately valves Depth Of Satan's Eyes and Monstrance clock back a lot of good with their dark riffs, catchy melodies and catchy choruses. The success formula that we used Ghost, but with an extra pinch of pop music from the time of your parents.

Eventually, Infestissumam is an accessible album. You can easily income, but there are only four songs that really linger and able to match the quality of Opus Eponymous. The rest are cute, innocent compositions. Not bad, but they are fleeting to the listener pass. The smaller number of really great songs shows that Ghost's approach of more 70's pop, prog-rock and symphonic elements worked, but the bar while composing settled was not as high. Listen Infestissumam a few times before you get it home.


Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Label: Universal
Originally released: 2015
This release: 2015
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