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Configure your X-Tube XT40 or buy length from the roll. Acclaimed by What HI-FI? Magazine; this 'Five Star' award winning pure copper loudspeaker cable boasts QED's advanced X-TubeTM technology and a massive 4mm2 cross sectional area. This results...

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Acclaimed by What HI-FI? Magazine; this 'Five Star' award winning pure copper loudspeaker cable boasts QED's advanced X-TubeTM technology and a massive 4mm2 cross sectional area. This results in a cable that delivers clear sonic advantages over conventional cable designs by maintaining a flat frequency response within the audio band.

QED is so confident about the performance of the new XT40, they urge enthusiasts to audition and compare it, not only to their favourite cable but also to alternative models at any price.

Prepare to be surprised!


At low frequencies both X-TubeTM and conventional stranded/solid core speaker cables convey signals in a linear way. However, at high frequencies, X-TubeTMretains a near-linear signal transfer, whereas the conventional cable fails to conduct uniformly across the entire conductor area. The result is that X-TubeTMdelivers greater detail and fidelity across the audio spectrum which would other wise be lost in ordinary cables.

QED X-Tube drawing
In standard speaker cables at high frequencies current flow is highest at the periphery with rapidly deteriorating current density towards the centre of the conductor.
The effect of this is to reduce the actual cross sectional area of the cable at 15kHz to less than 75% of that at low frequencies. This results in higher distortion and compromises the performance of the cable.

X-TubeTM with polycore technology exhibits much lower self-inductance and is therefore less affected by this problem. The polycore technology reduces loop inductance to levels only achievable using more costly and difficult to terminate cables.
The result is more high frequency detail, less distortion and greater performance


The 4mm2 cross sectional area means XT40 exhibits very low resistance, allowing amplifiers to exert outstanding control over the speakers they are driving. In addition, its large cross sectional area makes it suitable for long cable runs.

Wire gauge - 12 AWG
Jacket OD - 6.00mm
Cross-sectional area - 4.00mm²
Loop resistance - 0.008 Ω/m
Capacitance - 59pF/m
Inductance - 0.46 µH/m
Dissipation factor - 0.0576
Nominal outside diameter 6.0 mm
For best results use QED Airloc™ Forte banana plugs 

"The QED XT40 is a special cable – detailed, balanced and authoritative, and we think it’s worth every penny. Go treat your system."

What HiFi? Sound and Vision, October 2014

"An exceptional performer and a natural upgrade from a beginner’s cable."

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2014 - Best Speaker Cable, October 2014

"Everything about the XT40 is clear and engaging....superb performance at the price"

HiFi Choice Extras 2015, February 2015

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