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ProJect Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

PROJECT - Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

For Project turntable truntable spindle oil
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Pro-Ject Lube-it(Silent Groove Oil) It is a high-tech lubricant that ensures your turntable spins at a constant velocity. High-tech lubricant for constant velocity.

Van den Hul Special Turntable Spindle Oil

VAN DEN HUL - Special Turntable Spindle Oil

For high clearance bearings
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This high-tech oil is suitable for all non air-cushioned metal-to-metal turntable bearings and is supplied in a 20cc bottle with brush. The oil is doped with microscopic 1 micron diameter zirconium oxide marbles which act as an extra rotating separa...

Van den Hul TLF II = Lower Friction Spindle Oil

VAN DEN HUL - TLF II = Lower Friction Spindle Oil

For high Load and Tight tolerance bearings
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Van den Hul's “The Lower Friction” (TLF) is a broad spectrum applicable super oil, especially intended to reduce bearing friction by forming an extremely stable lubrication layer between mechanical parts.
VDH TLF oil types are particularly suitabl...

Michell Engineering Bearing Oil


Original Michell Oil
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The original bearing oil for Michell Turntables. 8cc bottle, enough for proper lubrication of your bearing.