Cartridges for DJ's

Ortofon offers a wide variety of DJ Cartridges under the Concorde label. It is difficult to make a choice when you are new to DJ-ing. Don't save to much on your cartridges and needles, they are very essential for your final sound. Hereunder you find the most common use for every DJ model Ortofon offers.

Concorde Pro-S: 
Entry-level cartridge for all-purpose use. New DJ? This entry-level cartridge is perfect for newcomers on the DJ scene who want to start  off with decent, but not too expensive equipment.

Concorde Pro:
General purpose model for scratch and back-cueing. Ideal choice for talented, but less experienced DJs!

Concorde DJ-S:
Basic model for scratch and back-cueing. Outstanding rigidity by extra-strengthened cantilever.

Concorde Arkiv:
Vinyl-to-digital transcription cartridge. Very good sound quality!

Concorde Electro:
Techno cartridge co-designed by DJs. Very high output. A must-have for all scratch and back-cueing DJS!

Concorde Scratch:
Co-designed by various DJs. Especially developed for scratch and back-cueing. Very high output! 
Maximum scratch performance guaranteed!

Concorde Q-Bert:
Co-designed by DJ Q.Bert for scratch and back-cueing. High tracking ability.  Ultra high output!

Concorde Digitrack:
The world's first needle designed specifically for coded vinyl with low wear!

Concorde NightClub mkII:
The ultimate club cartridge. Superb sound quality! Recommended for frequent use in discotheques and clubs!

Concorde Serato S-120:
A revolutionary new high performance cart for DJs! Exceptional tracking ability of 120 μm!

Concorde Gold:
Top model with gold plating and Pro E diamond! 
The Concorde Gold is for DJs who will settle for nothing but the very best!
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