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Beatles Stereo Box Set =LTD 16LP BOX SET +BOOKS=

  16 x LP+DVD   180grs   33⅓rpm     limited BOXSET 

2012 EU Limited Edition Beatles Vinyl Box Set 16disc 12 x 1LP / 2 x 2LP set Manufactured on 180gram Heavyweight Audiophile vinyl with replicated artwork the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles The...

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Release date 08-11-2012

2012 EU Limited Edition Beatles Vinyl Box Set 16disc 12 x 1LP / 2 x 2LP set- Manufactured on 180gram Heavyweight Audiophile vinyl with replicated artwork the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles The White Album the Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band cutouts and special inner bags for some of the titles All housed in a lavish 338mm x 335mm x 130mm boxset with liftoff lid accompanied by a stunning elegantly designed 252page hardbound book authored by awardwinning radio producer Kevin Howlett and features a dedicated chapter for each of the albums as well as insight into the creation of the remasters and how the vinyl albums were prepared The 12 x 12 book showcases a wealth of photographs spanning The Beatles recording career including many images which were not included in the 2009 CD booklets

All 12 Studio Vinyl Albums plus Magical Mystery Tour and Past Masters Volumes One & Two in Stereo LP Box Set
Includes Gorgeous 252-Page Hardbound Book With Dedicated Chapters for Every Record Album and a Wealth of Insightful Photographs
LPs Sourced from the Original Master Tapes

All Albums Cut at Abbey Road Studios by a FirstRate Team of Producers and Engineers Stringent Procedures and Safeguards Ensure Optimum AudiophileQuality Sound

Twist and shout shout shout The Beatles are at long last getting the treatment theyve always deserved on vinyl The most anticipated catalog reissues in music history have arrived and feature the pristine remastering that fans have craved for decades Your wishes have come true Every Beatles album Every official Beatles song Faithfully reproduced album jackets All in this glorious box set

This box includes a gorgeous 252page hardbound book written by awardwinning radio producer Kevin Howlett and features dedicated chapters for each of the albums as well as tremendous insight into the remasters and how the LPs were prepared In addition the 12 x 12 book boasts a wealth of great Beatles images and photos

Proper care and a painstaking series of steps were taken to ensure that music lovers would hear the Fab Four in all their glory With EMIs legendary Abbey Road Studios providing the backdrop the fouryear restoration process combined veteran expertise stateoftheart equipment vintage studio gear and rigorous testing to net what is without doubt the highest fidelity possible and authentic jawdropping sound guaranteed to rival the original LPs There is no longer any need to pay hundreds of dollars for Japanese pressings

At the start of the restoration process engineers conducted extensive tests before copying the analog master tapes into the digital realm using 24bit/192 kHz resolution and a Prism AD converter Dust buildups were removed from tape machine heads after the completion of each title Artifacts such as electrical clicks microphone vocal pops excessive sibilance and poor edits were improved upon as long as it was determined that doing so didnt at all damage the integrity of the songs Similarly denoising technology was applied in only a few necessary spots and on a sum total of less than five of the entire 525 minutes of Beatles music
In cutting the digital masters to vinyl stringent safeguards and procedures were employed After cutting to lacquer determined to be warmer and consistent than cutting to DMM the next step was to use the Neumann VMS80 cutting lathe at Abbey Road Following thorough mechanical and electrical tests to ensure it was operating in peak condition engineer Sean Magee cut the LPs in chronological release order He used the original 24bit remasters rather than the 16bit versions that were required for CD production It was also decided to use the remasters that had not undergone limiting a procedure to increase the sound level

Having made initial test cuts Magee pinpointed any sound problems that can occur during playback of vinyl records To rectify them changes were made to the remasters with a Digital Audio Workstation For example each vinyl album was listened to for any sibilant episodes vocal distortion that can occur on consonant sounds such as S and T These were corrected by reducing the level in the very small portion of sound causing the undesired effect

Similarly any likelihood of innergroove distortion was addressed As the stylus approaches the center of the record it is liable to track the groove less accurately This can affect the highmiddle frequencies producing a mushy sound particularly noticeable on vocals Using what Magee has described as surgical EQ problem frequencies were identified and reduced in level to compensate for this

The last phase of the vinyl mastering process began with the arrival of the first batches of test pressings made from master lacquers that had been sent to the two pressing plant factories Stringent quality tests identified any noise or click appearing on more than one test pressing in the same place If this happened it was clear that the undesired sounds had been introduced either during the cutting or the pressing stage and so the test records were rejected In the quest to achieve the highest quality possible the Abbey Road team worked closely with the pressing factories and the manufacturers of the lacquer and cutting styli

Side A
1 I Saw Her Standing There
2 Misery
3 Anna Go To Him
4 Chains
5 Boys
6 Ask Me Why
7 Please Please Me

Side B
8 Love Me Do
9 PS I Love You
10 Baby Its You
11 Do You Want To Know A Secret
12 A Taste Of Honey
13 Theres A Place
14 Twist And Shout

Side A
1 It Wont Be Long
2 All Ive Got To Do
3 All My Loving
4 Dont Bother Me
5 Little Child
6 Till There Was You
7 Please Mister Postman

Side B
8 Roll Over Beethoven
9 Hold Me Tight
10 You Really Got A Hold On Me
11 I Wanna Be Your Man
12 Devil In Her Heart
13 Not A Second Time
14 Money Thats What I Want

Side A
1 A Hard Days Night
2 I Should Have Known Better
3 If I Fell
4 Im Happy Just To Dance With You
5 And I Love Her
6 Tell Me Why
7 Cant Buy Me Love

Side B
8 Any Time At All
9 Ill Cry Instead
10 Things We Said Today
11 When I Get Home
12 You Cant Do That
13 Ill Be Back

Side A
1 No Reply
2 Im A Loser
3 Babys In Black
4 Rock And Roll Music
5 Ill Follow The Sun
6 Mr Moonlight
7 Kansas City / HeyHeyHeyHey
8 Eight Days A Week

Side B
9 Words Of Love
10 Honey Dont
11 Every Little Thing
12 I Dont Want To Spoil The Party
13 What Youre Doing
14 Everybodys Trying To Be My Baby

Side A
1 Help
2 The Night Before
3 Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away
4 I Need You
5 Another Girl
6 Youre Going To Lose That Girl
7 Ticket To Ride

Side B
8 Act Naturally
9 Its Only Love
10 You Like Me Too Much
11 Tell Me What You See
12 Ive Just Seen A Face
13 Yesterday
14 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Side A
1 Drive My Car
2 Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown
3 You Wont See Me
4 Nowhere Man
5 Think For Yourself
6 The Word
7 Michelle

Side B
8 What Goes On
9 Girl
10 Im Looking Through You
11 In My Life
12 Wait
13 If I Needed Someone
14 Run For Your Life

Side A
1 Taxman
2 Eleanor Rigby
3 Im Only Sleeping
4 Love You To
5 Here There And Everywhere
6 Yellow Submarine
7 She Said She Said

Side B
8 Good Day Sunshine
9 And Your Bird Can Sing
10 For No One
11 Doctor Robert
12 I Want To Tell You
13 Got To Get You Into My Life
14 Tomorrow Never Knows

Side A
1 Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
2 With A Little Help From My Friends
3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4 Getting Better
5 Fixing A Hole
6 Shes Leaving Home

Side B
7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
8 Within You Without You
9 When Im Sixty Four
10 Lovely Rita
11 Good Morning Good Morning
12 Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise
13 A Day In The Life

Side A
1 Magical Mystery Tour
2 The Fool On The Hill
3 Flying
4 Blue Jay Way
5 Your Mother Should Know
6 I Am The Walrus

Side B
7 Hello Goodbye
8 Strawberry Fields Forever
9 Penny Lane
10 Baby Youre A Rich Man
11 All You Need Is Love

Side A
1 Back in the USSR
2 Dear Prudence
3 Glass Onion
4 ObLaDi ObLaDa
5 Wild Honey Pie
6 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8 Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Side B
9 Martha My Dear
10 Im So Tired
11 Blackbird
12 Piggies
13 Rocky Raccoon
14 Dont Pass Me By
15 Why Dont We Do It In The Road
16 I Will
17 Julia

Side C
1 Birthday
2 Yer Blues
3 Mother Natures Son
4 Everybodys Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
5 Sexy Sadie
6 Helter Skelter
7 Long Long Long

Side D
8 Revolution 1
9 Honey Pie
10 Savoy Truffle
11 Cry Baby Cry
12 Revolution 9
13 Good Night

Side A
1 Yellow Submarine
2 Only A Northern Song
3 All Together Now
4 Hey Bulldog
5 Its All Too Much
6 All You Need Is Love

Side B
7 Pepperland
8 Sea Of Time
9 Sea Of Holes
10 Sea Of Monsters
11 March Of The Meanies
12 Pepperland Laid Waste
13 Yellow Submarine In Pepperland

Side A
1 Come Together
2 Something
3 Maxwells Silver Hammer
4 Oh Darling
5 Octopuss Garden
6 I Want You Shes So Heavy

Side B
7 Here Comes The Sun
8 Because
9 You Never Give Me Your Money
10 Sun King
11 Mean Mr Mustard
12 Polythene Pam
13 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14 Golden Slumbers
15 Carry That Weight
16 The End
17 Her Majesty

Side A
1 Two Of Us
2 Dig A Pony
3 Across The Universe
4 I Me Mine
5 Dig It
6 Let It Be
7 Maggie Mae

Side B
8 Ive Got A Feeling
9 One After 909
10 The Long And Winding Road
11 For You Blue
12 Get Back

Side A
1 Love Me Do Original Single Version
2 From Me To You
3 Thank You Girl
4 She Loves You
5 Ill Get You
6 I Want To Hold Your Hand
7 This Boy
8 Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
9 Sie Liebt Dich

Side B
10 Long Tall Sally
11 I Call Your Name
12 Slow Down
13 Matchbox
14 I Feel Fine
15 Shes A Woman
16 Bad Boy
17 Yes It Is
18 Im Down

Side C
1 Day Tripper
2 We Can Work It Out
3 Paperback Writer
4 Rain
5 Lady Madonna
6 The Inner Light
7 Hey Jude
8 Revolution

Side D
9 Get Back
10 Dont Let Me Down
11 The Ballad Of John And Yoko
12 Old Brown Shoe
13 Acro

Discs: 16
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP+DVD
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Extra info: limited BOXSET
Label: EMI
This release: 2012
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