Boney M.
Nightflight To Venus

  1 x LP   180grs     

( 1978 ) - 2017 EU reissue on standrd vinyl LP-Boney M’s most successful album , with hits: “Rasputin”, “Painter Man, ” “Painter Man” "Rivers Of Babylon "

Label:  Hansa International ‎ 
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Release date: 04-05-2017(originally released in 1978)

2017 EU reissue on standrd  LP -Boney M’s most successful album , with hits: “Rasputin”, “Painter Man, ” “Painter Man”  "Rivers Of Babylon "

A1 Nightflight To Venus
A2 Rasputin
A3 Painter Man
A4 He Was A Steppenwolf

B1 Rivers Of Babylon
B2 Voodoonight
B3 Brown Girl In The Ring
B4 Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night
B5 Heart Of Gold

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33rpm
Label: Hansa International ‎
Originally released: 1978
This release: 2017
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