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Ghost/Ghost B. C. Opus Eponnymous

GHOST/GHOST B. C. - Opus Eponnymous

1xLP 33rpm vinyl
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2011 EU repressing on vinyl LP-This is black metal at its most original and deceiving; compositions which majestically weave their melodic spell of evil through the senses until the listener finds themselves utterly possessed and open to any diabolic...

Ghost/Ghost B. C. Infestissumam

GHOST/GHOST B. C. - Infestissumam

1xLP 33rpm coloured
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(Originally releasd in 2013)2015 reissue on 180g coloured vinyl LP - Ghosts debut album Opus Eponymous (2011) was his "Mercyful Fate-meets-Blue Öyster Cult' formula a classic in the making. Now reverse the Satan worshipers shrouded in anonymity back with

Ghost/Ghost B. C. Meliora

GHOST/GHOST B. C. - Meliora

1xLP 33rpm vinyl
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2015 EU issued on 180g vinyl LP - Sweden's Ghost is back with their highly anticipated 3rd album, Meliora. Steeped in subversive themes of humanism, counterculture and anti-establishmentarianism, the album was produced by Klas Ahlund, mixed by And...