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CP 2 Phono stage

  MM/MC phonostage  

Detailed Analog Sound You'll Remember at a Value Price You'll Soon Forget: Cambridge Audio CP2 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Touts Class A Gain Stage, Subsonic Filter, Compact Size.

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The Cambridge Audio CP2 moving-magnet and moving-coil phono preamplifier pushes the boundaries on the analog performance you can get at a very modest price point. Compatible with both MM and MC phono cartridges, CP2 touts discrete transistors in the input stages, multi-parallel capacitors that yield terrific RIAA accuracy (0.3dB up to 50kHz), and a balance control to correct for cartridge imbalance. Its single-ended Class A gain stage has passive RIAA equalization, and CP2 even comes equipped with a selectable subsonic filter that eliminates annoying low-frequency rumble on imperfect LP pressings. You'll notice the detail and textures, sense the warmth and naturalism, and see the defined imaging for which analog is renowned. This phonostage's ultra-compact dimensions (1.8 x 8.5 x 5.2 inches) and acoustically damped full-metal chassis with a a thick, brushed-aluminum front panel also mean that CP2 fits practically anywhere, offers great stability, and looks classy in any space. What was that price again? Yep, $269. Time to get those records spinning.

Parallel-Wound Transistors and Copper Shielding
CP2's audio circuitry is refined with multiple transistors wired in parallel, ensuring the lowest-possible distortion and noise. A copper shield provides further protection to this extremely sensitive part of the circuitry, limiting the noise that can be injected into the signal. This is especially important with an MC cartridge as its signal is even quieter and more delicate than MMs, so it needs even more amplification.

Subsonic Filter Removes LF Noise
High-spec multi-parallel capacitors achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy, the industry standard for reproducing vinyl recordings. A highly accurate, subsonic filter also removes the common problem of unwanted low frequencies that can damage subwoofers.

Phonostage: MM/MC phonostage
Input impedance, MM: 47K 220pF
Input impedance, MC: 100 Ohm
Gain, MM: 39dB
Gain, MC: 55dB
Output Voltage, MM: 300mV
Output Voltage, MC: 300mV
Noise floor, MM: 86dB
Noise floor, MC: >72dB
THD, MM: 20Hz-20kHz<0.009%
THD, MC: <0.009%
RIAA curve accuracy: <+/-0.3dB
Subsonic filter: Yes
Dimensions (mm): 46 x 215 x 133 (1.8 x 8.5 x 5.2”)
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