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Shake it Up =Numbered 180g vinyl LP= MFSL

  1 x LP   180grs   33⅓rpm     Numbered Ltd Analogue 

( 1981 ) 2009 US Mobile Fidelitys numbered limited 180g vinyl LP - Sonically Spectacular LP-1981 Album a Return to Pop and a New Wave Landmark. Halfspeed mastered from the original analog tapes. Focuses on the myriad pitch changes that c...

Label:  Mobiel Fidelity Sound Lab 
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Release date 11-09-2009(Originally released in 1981)

2009 US Mobile Fidelity Numbered Edition 180-gram vinyl LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes

A return to form after the departure that was 1980's muddled Panorama, the Cars' Shake It Up bursts forth with a rich assembly of synthesizers, drum machines, electronic blips, and catchy melodies that make it an early 80s pop staple. Known the world over, the famous title track proves the band's arrangement skills were in perfect shape and set the stage for a record overflowing with memorable hooks and complementary rock riffs.

Shake It Up also plays witness to primary songwriter/vocalist Ric Ocasek's increased cynicism and biting wit. While the Cars never took a rosy-eyed view of romance, the songs here impart a newfound sense of sympathy, regret, limbo, and reservation. The beauty of the Cars – and all ten tunes here – is that the music suggests something else entirely. Such subliminal emotions and dynamic contrasts act as a magnet, and the band plays as if it's in on the secret.

Apart from the party vibe of the title cut, the Cars aim for deeper targets and smarter undertones. Shake It Up is defined by an urban edginess and modern feel that comes alive on tunes such as "Cruiser" and circular "I'm Not the One," a pop gem laded with stacked vocals and keyboard lines that double as a horn section. The band's arrangements have never been better – or more involved. Absent the cheesiness that would mar the group's late-period work, the songs ride on the strength of keyboard-heavy lines and layered harmonies. You will not be disappointed.

Recorded at the band's Synchro Sound studios by famed Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker, the album takes advantage of electronic textures and varying timbres in immersing the listener in accessible albeit abstract washes of sound. MoFi's engineers made sure to capture every note and nuance; this marks the first time that Shake It Up has been remastered in any way, let alone from the original tapes.

A1     Since You're Gone
A2     Shake It Up
A3     I'm Not The One
A4     Victim Of Love
A5     Cruiser

B1     A Dream Away
B2     This Could Be Love
B3     Think It Over
B4     Maybe Baby

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Extra info: Numbered Ltd Analogue
Label: Mobiel Fidelity Sound Lab
Originally released: 1981
This release: 2009
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