Statement Clamp

  Statement indeed!  

State of the art record clamp. Three point resonance absorption technology. Bullet proof wood and stainless steel sandwich.

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Clearaudio brings the same heavy-duty Panzerholz wood and metal sandwich construction to a record clamp that's used in some of the German company's most respected turntables, including the Statement. Stainless steel makes this a really massive clamp that will hold your records in place without 'pinching' them.

"What I heard was a change greater than any cable swap, a change on a par with a speaker swap," raves Ken Kessler in England's Hi-Fi News magazine for September 2006. "The gains were earth-shattering... [with] better treble extension, sweeter vocals, less sibilance, rounder bass, more air."

Advanced CMB Bearing Techonology

"When you turn the Statement Clamp upside down you see the tube that slips over the spindle is made from the same quality ceramic material that they use in their CMB bearings," observes Jack Roberts in his August 2009 review for "You also see three different size ball bearings that are set into the wood at the points of an equilateral triangle. These ball bearings are set with precision into ceramic shafts in the wood so that even though they are each a different size, the clamp sits perfectly level."

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