Crosby, Stills & Nash/& Young
Déjà Vu: = 2021 remaster=

  1 x LP   180grs   33⅓rpm   

1969-2021 remaster vinyl LP -One of the most enduring musical partnerships of our time, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Crosby, Stills & Nash are revered for their peerless vocal harmonies, inspired songwriting and m...

Label:  Rhino-Atlantic 
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Release date: 14-05-2021 (Originally released in 1969)

2021 EU remaster vinyl LP - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Déjà Vu was the most-anticipated new album in America in 1970. More than 50 years later, it's one of the most famous albums in rock history with legendary songs, including "Carry On" and "Teach Your Children," that still resonate today. Atlantic Records honors the intense creative journey  

 Among them is "Know You Got To Run," the first song the quartet recorded during its first session on July 15 at the house Stills was renting from Peter Tork in Studio City. Other unreleased highlights include the demo for Crosby's "Almost Cut My Hair"; Stills' outtake for "Bluebird Revisited"; and Young's alternate version of "Helpless" featuring harmonica. Also making its debut on the set is a delightful version of "Our House" that features Nash singing with the song's inspiration, Joni Mitchell.
 2021 Remaster

  1. Carry On (2021 Remaster)
  2. Teach Your Children (2021 Remaster)
  3. Almost Cut My Hair (2021 Remaster)
  4. Helpless (2021 Remaster)
  5. Woodstock (2021 Remaster)
  6. Déjà Vu (2021 Remaster)
  7. Our House (2021 Remaster)
  8. 4 + 20 (2021 Remaster)
  9. Country Girl (2021 Remaster)
  10. Everybody I Love You (2021 Remaster)
Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Label: Rhino-Atlantic
Originally released: 1969
This release: 2021
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