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( 1972 ) - 2014 reissue on 180g 2LP+download-A feast of delights for any Purple fan. Made In Japan was recorded live over three nights, with signature song "Smoke on the Water," "Child in Time,"and "Space Truckin'.

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Release date: 15-05-2014 (Originally released in 1972)

2014 reissue on 180g 2LP+download -Made In Japan was recorded live over three nights during August 15-17, 1972 at Festival Hall, Osaka and Budokan, Tokyo. Four of the tracks come from the band’s 1972 masterpiece Machine Head album. It featured what many consider the classic Deep Purple lineup – Ian Gillan (vocals), Ritchie Blackmore (guitars), Roger Glover (bass), Jon Lord (organ) and Ian Paice (drums).

A feast of delights for any Purple fan.

Recorded over three nights in August 1972, Deep Purple's Made in Japan was the record that brought the band to headliner status in the U.S. and elsewhere, and it remains a landmark in the history of heavy metal music. Since reorganizing with singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover in 1969, Deep Purple had recorded three important albums -- Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball, and Machine Head -- and used the material to build a fierce live show. Made in Japan, its selections drawn from those albums, documented that show, in which songs were drawn out to ten and even nearly 20 minutes with no less intensity, as guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and organist Jon Lord soloed extensively and Gillan sang in a screech that became the envy of all metal bands to follow.

The signature song, of course, was "Smoke on the Water," with its memorable riff, which went on to become an American hit single. But those extended workouts, particularly the moody "Child in Time," with Gillan's haunting falsetto wail and Blackmore's amazingly fast playing, and "Space Truckin'," with Lord's organ effects, maintained the onslaught, making this a definitive treatment of the band's catalog and its most impressive album. By stretching out and going to extremes, Deep Purple pushed its music into the kind of deliberate excess that made heavy metal what it became, and their audience recognized the breakthrough, propelling the original double LP into the U.S. Top Ten and sales over a million copies.

Originally recorded only for the Japanese market, the album has since become seen as one of Deep Purple’s seminal releases, and one of the greatest live albums in music history (a Rolling Stone magazine readers poll in 2012 voted Made In Japan as the sixth greatest live album of all time).

Together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple have been referred to as the "unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal” in the early to mid-seventies. One of the most influential and important guitar bands in history, Deep Purple have sold in excess of 100 million albums worldwide to date.

May 19th 2014 will see the album newly remastered and released in a number of special formats. The format options include previously unseen footage on DVD, bonus material and mixes, memorabilia and a hardback book. The “Made In Japan”

A feast of delights for any Purple fan.

A1     Highway Star     
A2     Child In Time     

B1     Smoke On The Water     
B2     The Mule     

C1     Strange Kind Of Woman     
C2     Lazy     

D     Space Truckin'

Recorded live in Japan
A1: Osaka - 16th August 1972
A2: Osaka - 16th August 1972
B1: Osaka - 15th August 1972
B2: Tokyo - 17th August 1972
C1: Osaka - 16th August 1972
C2: Tokyo - 17th August 1972
D: Osaka - 16th August 1972

Discs: 2
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Bonus(cd,single,download): bonus download
Label: Universal
Originally released: 1972
This release: 2014
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