Digital tonearm Stylus Force Guage

  1x high precision stylus balance  

Digital Stylus Force Gauge.

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Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge Teste

1. Place the scale in a stable environment with no vibration or moisture contact.
2. Please do not put objects on the scale that exceed the nominal weight of 200g.
Otherwise, the sensor may be damaged. When placing the scale, do not hit the cradle plate and use it carefully.
3. Do not use mobile phones at a distance of less than 50 cm when using the scale.
4. Please use the balance at an ambient temperature of 10-30 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature differences can lead to measurement errors.
5. The "ERR" symbol is displayed when the weight on the weighing plate s exceeds the nominal weight.

* large measuring range (200 g), high precision (0.01 g)
* The scale requires 2 AAA batteries.(not including)
* automatic switch off after approx. 60 seconds
* different weight modes: g / oz / tl / ct / gn.

Size about.:
Width: 100 mm
Length: 115 mm
Height: 16 mm

Measuring unit:

Battery powered:
2 x AAA batteries not included

With this Tonarm Scale you balance the tonearm of your turntable exactly and have thus determined the optimal tracking power of their cartridge system. The scale was developed for record purists who are interested in a more accurate measurement of stylus distribution.

Place the scale on the turntable.
Turn on the scale. Each time it is switched on, the balance is automatically calibrated.
You can reset the balance to 0 at any time by pressing the (TARE) key.
Now lower the tonearm into the middle of the lateral round support area and you can now read the weight of the pickup arm.
By repeatedly pressing the (UNIT) button you can choose between different units g, oz, tl, ct, gn.

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