John Mayer/John Mayer Trio
Continuum +bonus track -Say-2LP=180g

  2 x LP   180grs   33⅓rpm      + 1 bonus tracks

( 2006 ) - 2010 EU reissue on 180g 2LP- Including bonus track "Say", 2006's Continuum is by far his most cohesive work to date, including 'Waiting on The World To Change' plus exclusive bonus 'Say', for the movie 'The Bucket List', starring Jack Nicholso

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Release date 07-10-2010 (Originally released in 2006)

2010 EU reissue on 180g 2LP+1 bonustrack- 'Continuum' is by far his most cohesive work to date, combining his signature pop sound with the feel, sound and sensibilities of an old-school blues record, including the single 'Waiting on The World To Change' plus exclusive bonus recording 'Say', written especially for the movie 'The Bucket List', starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

 Including bonus track "Say",


A1. Waiting On The World To Change
A2. I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
A3. Belief     

B1. Gravity
B2. The Heart Of Life
B3. Vultures

C1. Stop This Train
C2. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
C3. Bold As Love     

D1. Dreaming With A Broken Heart
D2. In Repair
D3. I'm Gonna Find Another You
D4. Say (Bonustrack) *

Continuum is about as apt a title as it gets for John Mayer's third studio disc. Every element, from the peerless guitar playing to the plainspoken poetry of the lyrics to the breathy-sincere singing, makes a return from previous efforts. But to weakly pronounce this another worthwhile effort from an artist the world has come to expect a whole lot from and then call it a day would be no minor misdeed, because it's also the best, boldest disc he's ever made. Taking maturity as a theme throughout, Mayer tackles a batch of adulthood's bogeymen: indifference on the uptempo chart-climber 'Waiting for the World to Change,' aging on the melancholy-sweet 'Stop This Train,' and emotional trainwreckage on the big-rocking 'In Repair.' That's not to suggest he's turned overly introspective--check the Jimi Hendrix cover 'Bold As Love,' where he hits one home for guitarists who've been living in the shadow of legend everywhere, and the hard-charging 'Belief,' which benefits from a mesmerizing, liquid groove. Continuum may be the third in a series, but a creative cop-out this is not; Mayer is his generation's musical superman--powerful, unassailable, and magnetic. Hand that man a cape.

Discs: 2
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Bonus(cd,single,download): 1 bonus tracks
Label: Music On Vinyl
Originally released: 2006
This release: 2010
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