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Gyro SE w/o arm

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Based entirely on the GyroDec, but without the costly acrylic plinth and dustcover, the Gyro SE brings the same qualities in a more affordable and compact package. A Michell Gyro SE can always be converted into a GyroDec by purchasing a plinth and du...

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The Michell Gyro SE is a simplified version of the Gyrodek turntable that made Michells reputation It doesnt have a base or a lid but in essence its the same turntable

On this occasion Michell decided to supply its Isolation Base in order to demonstrate what this substantial slab of acrylic on aluminium cones can do for this impressively engineered turntable

With its chromeplated peripheral weights and circular subchassis this is undeniably a distinctive turntable

Out of the box the Gyro SE requires a fairly long build up It took us about 20 minutes but you do get to appreciate the quality of engineering that goes into it along the way For the mechanically minded its a straightforward operation We particularly like the main bearing and the way its designed to pump oil to the thrust point The machined motor casing is also a luxury touch

Being a springsuspended design it has a separate acrylic spider that sits underneath the whole caboodle and lifts it up on three turned feet The subchassis then sits on three springs that can be adjusted when the arm and cartridge are installed

The springs are hidden underneath cylinders that sit on the subchassis casting strategically mass loaded to balance the weight of the arm and you dont have to adjust the springs to achieve this offset&nbsp&nbsp

In short A very nice piece of machining and very capable of playing on high level

Supplied without arm but WITH armboard for Rega 3point mount and Michell Record&nbspClamp For other armboards please contact us

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