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TecnoDec w/o arm

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Entry-level turntable, taking the low-noise DC motor and the impedance-matched platter of the GyroDec, along with an advanced bearing on an elegant solid-plinth design with damped feet. The Michell TecnoDec requires no user-setup or maintenance.

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John Michells preeminence among analog fans was assured when he introduced his forwardthinking turntables in the late sixties&nbsp Over three decades later critics and music lovers continue to praise his latest incarnations of the legendary GyroDec

TecnoDec the new entrylevel turntable taking the lownoise DC motor and the impedancematched platter of the GyroDec along with an advanced bearing on an elegant solidplinth design with damped feet The Michell TecnoDec requires no usersetup or maintenance


  • Solidplinth turntable with standalone motor
  • Acrylic/vinyl platter impedancematched to the record
  • Oilpumping inverted bearing
  • included Highquality standalone DC motor
  • included Arm board for Regacompatible arms
  • Optional record clamp
  • Optional HR power supply
  • Optional dust cover
  • Finished in black acrylic with aluminium metal parts

If youve always wanted to get your hands on a Michell table this affordable alternative to the wellrespected Gyrodec is just your speed Featuring a high quality acrylic and vinyl platter the TecnoDec also utilizes their very impressive inverted oilpumping bearing Its Spartan plinth rigid aluminum cone feet and outboard DC motor ensure a quiet soundstage with plenty of musical energy and dynamic rhythm&nbsp This upgraded arm includes an upgraded counterweight VTA adjustment and a knurled finger nut for easy adjustments

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