SB-2 Strobo Scope Turntable speed checker

  Tune presicely the speed of your turntable.  

The SB-2 stroboscope is essential for audiophile to tune presicely the speed of turnatble's rotation for recordmusic listening.

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  • Dimension: 67 mm (W) x 68 mm (L)  x  22 mm (H)
  • Weight : 130g (with battery)
  • Disc dimension : 100 mm (dia) x 1.0 mm (t)
  • Disc material : Stainless steel
  • Revolutions synchronised: 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33-1/3rpm
  • Housing material: Aluminum extrusion
  • Battery: 2 x 1.5V (UM4)
  • Accuracy of oscillation circuitry: 1/100 Hz , (0.1%)
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