Automatic For The People =25th anni.=

  1 x LP   180grs       25th anni. limited 

( 1992 ) - 2017 repressed on 180g LP =Including the hits 'Everybody Hurts', ' Man On The Moon' and 'Nightswimmingt' = It doesnt sound a whole lot like us warned Peter Buck but that was the point of REM's ninth album Largely acoustic and with string parts

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Release date 08-11-2017(Originally released in 1992)

2016 EU repressed on180g LP - Including the hits 'Everybody Hurts,' 'Man On The Moon' and 'Nightswimming' It doesn't sound a whole lot like us warned Peter Buck but that was the point of REM's ninth album. Largely acoustic and with string parts arranged by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, this musical left turn finds a haunted beauty in songs such as Everybody Hurts and Drive.

Including the hits 'Everybody Hurts,' 'Man On The Moon' and 'Nightswimming'

A1 Drive
A2 Try Not To Breathe
A3 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
A4 Everybody Hurts
A5 New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
A6 Sweetness Follows
B1 Monty Got A Raw Deal
B2 Ignoreland
B3 Star Me Kitten
B4 Man On The Moon
B5 Nightswimming
B6 Find The River

Turning away from the sweet pop of Out of Time, R.E.M. created a haunting, melancholy masterpiece with Automatic for the People. At its core, the album is a collection of folk songs about aging, death, and loss, but the music has a grand, epic sweep provided by layers of lush strings, interweaving acoustic instruments, and shimmering keyboards. Automatic for the People captures the group at a crossroads, as they moved from cult heroes to elder statesmen, and the album is a graceful transition into their new status. It is a reflective album, with frank discussions on mortality, but it is not a despairing record -- "Nightswimming," "Everybody Hurts," and "Sweetness Follows" have a comforting melancholy, while "Find the River" provides a positive sense of closure. R.E.M. have never been as emotionally direct as they are on Automatic for the People, nor have they ever created music quite as rich and timeless, and while the record is not an easy listen, it is the most rewarding record in their oeuvre.

Finally a wonderful sounding pressing of this monumental album this 180g pressing from Warner Brothers in Germany is really the only way to hear this music. The album cries out in pain and sorrow only to bring the listener back home with realistic views of life and death Unlike the previous sweet happy pop stylings of their past albums Automatic for the People created a melancholy atmosphere blazing a new direction for the band At its heart Automatic is a collection of folk songs speaking of aging death and loss The darkness of the content is offset by masterful layers of lush strings acoustic instruments and keyboards Hailed as their most emotionally direct album the songs are rich and timeless reflective and comforting Features the singles Everybody Hurts Drive and Man on the Moon.

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33rpm
Extra info: 25th anni. limited
Label: Concord
This release: 2017
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