Skunk Anansie
Post Orgasmic Chill =180g vinyl LP =

  1 x LP   Standard   33⅓rpm   

( 1999 ) 2016 EU reissue 180g vinyl LP -Skunk Anansie’s seminal 3rd studio album includes classics "Secretly,"" Charlie Big Potato" & "You’ll Follow Me Down".

Label:  One Little Indian 
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Release date 23-06-2016 (Originally released in 1999)

2016 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP - includes classics such as "Secretly,"" Charlie Big Potato" & "You’ll Follow Me Down". Finally, back on vinyl after 20 years! Skunk Anansie’s seminal 3rd studio album Post Orgasmic Chill was released in 1999 when the band were at the height of their powers - the tour around this album saw the band headline Glastonbury.

A1 Charlie BIg Potato 6:21
A2 On My Hotel T.V. 3:34
A3 We Don't Need Who You Think You Are 4:19
A4 Tracy's Flaw 4:30
A5 The Skank Heads 3:10
A6 Lately 3:53

B1 Secretly 4:46
B2 Good Things Don't Always Come To You 5:25
B3 Cheap Honesty 3:47
B4 You'll Follow Me Down 4:02
B5 And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had 3:03
B6 I'm Not Afraid 4:48

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): Standard
Speed(33,45): 33
Label: One Little Indian
Originally released: 1995
This release: 2018
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