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  clamp with spirit level  

The Revolution is a Record / Spindle damping device featuring an integral spirit level. It is manufactured from Acrylic and Sorbothane, and is designed to effectively damp the record and turntable spindle, without disturbing the balance.

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It acts in a similar way to a clamp - the sorbothane base 'grips' the spindle and 'clings' to the record label. Unlike a conventional clamp though, it does not exert undue pressure on the record stressing the surface of the vinyl. We call it a 'Soft Clamp'. The theory behind damping the record is to absorb or minimise: 1. The vibration picked up by the record acoustically - a good example of this is if you tap the label. 2. The vibration transmitted to the record from the motor / main bearing. 3. That generated by the stylus itself, when tracing the modulations in the groove. The ideal is to damp the record without resorting to any method that unduly distorts the surface of the vinyl. The most elegant solution is to use The Revolution - preferably in conjunction with our Silicone Platter Mat. The Revolution also features a 20mm circular spirit level (in the optimum position - the centre of the platter) which will allow you to perfectly level your deck, minimising tracking error, wow and motor / bearing noise. We carried out extensive listening tests during the development of this product, and experienced impressive sound quality improvements on every turntable... Improvements you can expect are a quieter, smoother sound with firmer, more tuneful Bass. The Revolution also makes vocals more articulate and detailed, as well as reducing surface noise. The Revolution is 80mm diameter, 22mm high and weighs 78g. It will accept spindles that project up to 11mm above the record label. If you have a longer than average spindle, you will need the Deep Base model - this will accept spindles up to 21mm above the record label, and weighs 134g.

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