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Breakfast on the Morning Tram=180g 2LP=

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(Originally released in 2007)2012 EU Limited  Double vinyl LP edition pressing on 180gram vinyl - Breakfast On The Morning Tram is the musical equivalent of a growth spurt With the important assistance of Kazuo Ishiguro one of our finest novelist...

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Release date: 16-07-2012(Originally released in 2007)

2012 EU Limited&nbsp Double vinyl LP edition pressing on 180gram vinyl - Breakfast On The Morning Tram is the musical equivalent of a growth spurt With the important assistance of Kazuo Ishiguro one of our finest novelists who can now also call himself a serious lyricist Stacey Kent and her permanent sidekick/producer/music director Jim Tomlinson have moved to a new place The disc in your hands Staceys first for Blue Note marks the spot

One easy way to describe the change is to note what is not on this record no Gershwin or Porter no Rogers or Berlin no Carmichael or Ellington The Great American Songbook that has been the source of most Stacey Kent material since her recording career began a decade ago is represented here only by three songs out of a dozen Yet all the songs on this album are cousins of the great Songbook songs they all seem to inhabit the same musical world as Jim Tomlinson put it to me

A1     The Ice Hotel     5:28
A2     Landslide     3:48
A3     Ces Petits Riens (Written-By – S. Gainsbourg)    3:21

B1     I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again     4:06
B2     So Many Stars     4:00
B3     Samba Saravah     3:50

C1     Breakfast On The Morning Tram     5:54
C2     Never Let Me Go     4:39
C3     So Romantic     5:00

D1     Hard Hearted Hannah     4:49
D2     La Saison Des Pluies(Written-By – S. Gainsbourg)    2:48
D3     What A Wonderful World

Stacey Kent vocals
Graham Harvey piano and Fender Rhodes
John Parricelli guitars
Dave Chamberlain double bass
Matt Skelton drums and percussion
Jim Tomlinson tenor sax alto sax soprano sax flute and arrangements
They all tell stories usually wistfully something Stacey loves to do they all make you think about love and loving they all if my experience is any indicator stick in your head after just a few listenings Most important they all help Stacey show off her very best stuff No Stacey Kent fan will be shocked by this record they are much more likely to be delighted by it She has never sounded better

Four of the tracks offer compelling evidence that Jim Tomlinson can write songs something he has never done before Producing their own material has been on Staceys and Jims agenda for some time now Their friend Ishiguro offered to try his hand at writing lyrics which in this collaboration came first While skiing in Colorado Jim with Staceys help and encouragement wrote four memorable tunes to the words Ishiguro had written

I have no idea whether these songs have the staying power of the classics but to my ear every one of them is entirely original lovely and surprising Ishiguros lyrics are intriguing a little mysterious sometimes a little weird a love affair at a hotel made of ice but unfailingly intriguing&nbsp Three of the four involve traveling and all involve romantic mysteries All have a contemporary flavor no one is going to think these lyrics were written in the 1930s Yet they dont sound like anything else Ive heard in the 21st Century either

Stacey sings three songs here in French two lesserknown love songs by the late Serge Gainsbourg and a famous samba from the 1966 French film A Man and a Woman written by the Brazilians Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes with a French lyric by Pierre Barouh If youre old enough to remember the movie youll recognize the song at once Stacey majored in modern European languages in college and has the gift for pronouncing a foreign tongue that sometimes accompanies a perfect musical ear so I defy her French fans to call this an American accent Its French Another Brazilian represented here is Sergio Mendes whose So Many Stars with lyrics by Marilyn & Alan Bergman sounds like a Songbook tune but is probably too young 1968 and has too mixed a parentage to qualify as one

Stacey sings one Fleetwood Mac song from the 1970s written by Stevie Nicks Landslide and makes it her own And then there are three from the Songbook Hard Hearted Hannah Never Let Me Go and What&nbsp A Wonderful World On the latter Stacey quietly enters a world previously inhabited by Louis Armstrong By my lights her version is as powerful as Satchmos Liner notes/Robert G Kaiser

Discs: 2
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Label: Pure Pleasure Record
Originally released: 2007
This release: 2012
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