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Pro-Ject Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

PRO-JECT - Silent Groove Oil (Lube-It)

For Project turntable truntable spindle oil
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Pro-Ject Lube-it(Silent Groove Oil) It is a high-tech lubricant that ensures your turntable spins at a constant velocity. High-tech lubricant for constant velocity.

Michell Engineering Bearing Oil


Original Michell Oil
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The original bearing oil for Michell Turntables. 8cc bottle, enough for proper lubrication of your bearing.

Van den Hul Special Turntable Spindle Oil

VAN DEN HUL - Special Turntable Spindle Oil

For high clearance bearings
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This high-tech oil is suitable for all non air-cushioned metal-to-metal turntable bearings and is supplied in a 20cc bottle with brush. The oil is doped with microscopic 1 micron diameter zirconium oxide marbles which act as an extra rotating separa...