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  1 x LP   Standard   33⅓rpm      + Bonus CD

2012 EU 140 gram LP+CD -The long awaited second album from The XX. = Three years later The xx are back with a new album Coexist and a new perspective Where xx lent in close to whisper in your ear Coexist gazes warmly in your eyes Much has happened...

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Release date 06-09-2012

2012  EU 140 gram  LP+CD -The long awaited second album from The XX.  = Three years later The xx are back with a new album Coexist and a new perspective Where xx lent in close to whisper in your ear Coexist gazes warmly in your eyes Much has happened to lead to this point most pertinently theyve grown up

A1     Angels
A2     Chained     
A3     Fiction
A4     Try
A5     Reunion
A6     Sunset
B1     Missing     
B2     Tides
B3     Unfold     
B4     Swept Away
B5     Our Song     

01     Angels
02     Chained     
03     Fiction
04     Try
05     Reunion
06     Sunset     
07     Missing     
08     Tides
09     Unfold     
10     Swept Away
11     Our Song

BBC Review
Subtlety comes in several shades sometimes so slight as to be near imperceptible The xx Mercury winners with their 2009 debut and unlikely global stars since were never going to overhaul their sound for album two but spend a while in Coexists company and the London trios evolution is evident

On a first spin little might appear to have changed Angels opens starring Romy Madley Crofts delicate voice set against a guitar that chimes its presence with an unhurried effortlessness So far so very debutoveragain

But Coexist isnt a straight continuation from the past The xx broke from the routine of promotion of filling headspaces with thoughts of what happens next to rediscover lives outside of the band Upon reconvening fresh ideas formed and many have found a place on Coexist

Lyrically its a love album from the first flushes of affection to the trauma of separation This constant allows the music to spin out into new shapes Try opens with a strangled synth whine immediately reminiscent of Gfunk Reunion is carried on steel pans lending it a Caribbean feel and Swept Away rides a classic house beat with the pitch slowed so very yes subtly

The latter track Coexists penultimate number is sure to stir thoughts of Todd Terrys remixes for Everything but the Girl serendipitous given Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have previously covered The xxs Night Time Its a standout as is Fiction Oliver Sims first true solo vocal after the ethereal drift of the debuts interludey Fantasy

If the production at the heart of The xx has progressed at glacierlike pace Sims contributions have taken giant leaps forward Confidence gleaned from hundreds of live performances between albums can be heard on every take

Jamie Smiths nudging upwards of the BPM represents advancement too Some may miss the more minimalist design of xx but Coexist isnt without holdyourbreath dynamics a break to silence in Missing is followed by a tremendous return by Sim Its an electrifying moment

With a signature sound established at the first time of asking The xxs challenge was to both expand their palette and satisfy the demands of a huge audience And through refinement rather than reinvention theyve succeeded in singular style

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): Standard
Speed(33,45): 33
Bonus(cd,single,download): Bonus CD
Label: Yo. Tu
This release: 2012
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