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Clones Audio 25iR Integrated Amplifier

CLONES AUDIO - 25iR Integrated Amplifier

sonic performance in every genre
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The 25iR is the stereo integrated amplifier of CLONES audio. It takes 3 unbalanced RCA stereo inputs. Two sets of high-quality 5-way binding posts will host speaker cables with banana plugs or spades, or just bare speaker wire. Musical passion above ...

Clones Audio PA1 Phono Amplifier

CLONES AUDIO - PA1 Phono Amplifier

Bring vinyl back to your life...
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Internally adjustable with DIP switches, the PA1 phono amplifier can bring new life to most any MM or MC cartridge. The external power supply is carefully stabilized, eliminating cross-talk effects. Musical, detailed and dynamic. Gain up to 74dB!