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Headshells and -Parts .

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Tonar SME type Headshell

TONAR - SME type Headshell

avalaible in black or silver
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SME type Headshell black/silver

Ortofon Headshell SH4

ORTOFON - Headshell SH4

9.4 grams only
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SH4 Headshell ( Silver, Black, Blue & Pink )
The SH4 headshell is a great affordable upgrade option for audiophiles on a budget A perfect partner for the 2m Series the SH4 is a highquality solid headshell option

The big finger grip and shorter constru

Ortofon LH6000 Universal Mount Headshell

ORTOFON - LH6000 Universal Mount Headshell

Weight 13.5 gram
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Ortofon LH6000 Universal Mount Headshell. The Ortofon LH6000 is a high quality headshell designed specifically for the Kontrapunkt series Jubilee MC Windfeld and Cadenza Series cartridges Its rounded front portion facilitates proper mounting and co.....

Ortofon LH8000 Universal Mount Headshell

ORTOFON - LH8000 Universal Mount Headshell

Weight 8.5 gram
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Ortofon LH8000 Universal Mount Headshell
. The Ortofon LH8000 is a high quality handmade woodbased headshell with a polished brass finger lift The highly attractive LH8000 is perfect for a variety of cartridges

Ortofon LH9000 Universal Mount Headshell

ORTOFON - LH9000 Universal Mount Headshell

Weight 16.8 gram
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Ortofon LH9000 Universal Mount Headshell. Exceptionally high quality carbon fiber headshell the Ortofon LH9000 is made using carbon fiber resin for the elimination of unwanted resonances The LH9000 is perfect for a variety of highend cartridges A s.....

Ortofon LH10000 Alu/Zinc Headshell

ORTOFON - LH10000 Alu/Zinc Headshell

Most light headshell from Ortofon
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A new exceptionally high quality headshell. LH10000 features a precision machined slit on the top plate A piece of Ortofons special proprietary TPE ThermoPlastic Elastomer compound with excellent damping properties is integrated into the slit LH100.....

Ortofon Headshell Leads

ORTOFON - Headshell Leads

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Copper Headshell leads from Ortofon with tinned copper connectors.

Ortofon LW 7N Headshell Leads

ORTOFON - LW 7N Headshell Leads

High Purity Copper
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LW7N is a hybrid lead made of Ultra high purity copper 99.99999 wire As there are no other particles than copper in the wire audio signals are transmitted without any noise The end of each wire is fastened by rohdiumplated terminal

Ortofon -LW-800S Headshell Leads

ORTOFON - -LW-800S Headshell Leads

OFC Copper/Silver wire
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LW800S are extremely sophisticated lead wires combining pure silver wire with silver coated OFC wire Silver wire delivers incredible clarity in high frequency signals while preserving a brilliant tonality overall The end of each wire is fastened by a...

Tonar Headshell wires OFC

TONAR - Headshell wires OFC

4pcs set
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Tonar 99,9999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Headshell wires with gold plated clips

Cardas PCC Cartridge Clips 4 pcs

CARDAS - PCC Cartridge Clips 4 pcs

Gold Rhodium siliver plated
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Cardas economy cartridge clips, available in Gold plated brass. ( Rhodium is not available for the time being))
These clips make an excellent contact and are a great upgrade on stock Pro-Ject and Rega arms.

Audio Technica AT 6101 Headshell Leads

AUDIO TECHNICA - AT 6101 Headshell Leads

Cartridge to headshell PCOCC lead wires
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Headshell leads set from Quattro Hybrid Lead Wire with gilded connection contacts.
The Headshell leads set consists of 4 cables (white, green, blue, red).
Length: 4 x 35 mm

Nagaoka BN7s Screws Silver

NAGAOKA - BN7s Screws Silver

Total 24 parts
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Non magnetische schroefjes en moertjes van met alumite behandeld aluminium  Voor element montage in de headshell. Inhoud 16 schroefjes, 4 moertjes, 4 ringetjes

Ortofon Headshell Screw Set - for 2M Series

ORTOFON - Headshell Screw Set - for 2M Series

1x set of 4 screws
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The Ortofon Mounting Screw Set for 2M Cartridges mounts an 2M Cartridge onto the headshell of your record player These screws are NON-magnetic

Screws for mounting 2M cartridges on the headshell incl.:
2 x Screw M2,5 x 5
2 x Screw M2,5 x 7

Ortofon LH4000 Universal Mount Headshell

ORTOFON - LH4000 Universal Mount Headshell

Weight 13.5 gram
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Ortofon LH4000 Universal Mount Headshell. The LH-4000 is a basic high quality headshell designed specifically for HiFi applications. Providing a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the LH-4000 is great for a wide variety of cartridges, specially recommended for

Audio Technica Headshell AT-HS1 Silver

AUDIO TECHNICA - Headshell AT-HS1 Silver

dj headshell
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Audio-Technica Headshell AT-HS1 Silver

Audio Technica Headshell AT-HS10


headshell at-hs10
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Headshell AT-HS
10g headshell aluminium die cast body
10g headshell aluminium die cast body
An all-metal, die-cast aluminium 10g headshell with integral finger lift. This headshell is available in Black or Silver, and is suitable for 1/2" mo

ProJect Finger Lift ( Fingertip )

PROJECT - Finger Lift ( Fingertip )

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The use of a finger lift on Pro-Ject record players allows for greater control over the tonearm, and more accurate alignment when cueing a record.

This replacement finger lift uses the cartridge's mounting screws to fix itself to the top of the tonearm