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Gare Du Nord Sex n Jazz =180g 2xLP = Expanded =

GARE DU NORD - Sex n Jazz =180g 2xLP = Expanded =

2x LP 180 gr.33rpm =gatefold=
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2017 EU reissue on 180g 2LP = This 2017 expanded edition by Gare Du Nord brings together both the Blue Note remix album master and the original vintage album master from early 2007 for the very first time. State of the art remastered, this landmark e...

Caro Emerald -Shocking Miss Emerald (Acoustic Sessions)

CARO EMERALD - -Shocking Miss Emerald (Acoustic Sessions)

1x LP coloured 33rpm Limited
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2017 EU issue on numbered limited coloured LP=The Shocking Miss Emerald Acoustic Sessions includes six new acoustic arrangements of tracks from her Number 1 album The Shocking Miss Emerald and features the songs: ‘I Belong To You’, ‘Coming Back As A ...

Kensington Control


1 XLP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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2016 EU issue on 180g LP =featuring songs 'Do I Ever' and 'Sorry', The 4th studio album by the popular band Kensington is called Control and contains their brand new hit "Do I Ever". Kensington has rapidly transformed into an extremely successful Dutch po

Fresku  and MocroManiac Juice


1x LP standard 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g LP =De twee werkten eerder al samen op ‘Kreeft‘ en ‘Testosteronbommen’, en eind maart keren de heren Fresku en MocroManiac terug met een gezamenlijk full length album getiteld 'Juice'. Op het album serveren de heerschappen het...

My Baby Prehistoric Rhythm

MY BABY - Prehistoric Rhythm

2x LP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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2017 EU issue on 180g 33rpm/45rpm 2LP-Popular Amsterdam band MY BABY launches on Friday, March 17th a.s. the long-awaited new album 'Prehistoric Rhythm' in the Milky Way. The first single from the album, the rousing 'Love Dance' will a...

Herman Brood & His Wild Romance My Way: The Hits = 2LP = 180g

HERMAN BROOD & HIS WILD ROMANCE - My Way: The Hits = 2LP = 180g

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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2016 EU reissue on 180g audiphile vinyl 2LP-This compilation is available on vinyl for the first time and includes all his biggest hits; "Saturday Night", "Never Be Clever", "Als Je Wint", "Sleepin' Bird" and many more.

Andre Hazes Hazes = 2LP =180g vinyl + Booklet =

ANDRE HAZES - Hazes = 2LP =180g vinyl + Booklet =

2x LP 180g 33rpm =Gatefold Sleeve. Including 4 Page Booklet=
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2015 EU issue on 180g 2LP audiophile vinyl -Speciaal voor alle fans van André mocht Music On Vinyl, met goedkeuring van de nabestaanden, een selectie maken uit de beste nummers binnen zijn collectie. Alle 30 nummers op Hazes zijn speciaal gemastered ...

Janine Jansen Vivaldi ‎– The Four Seasons( Die Vier Jahreszeiten)

JANINE JANSEN - Vivaldi ‎– The Four Seasons( Die Vier Jahreszeiten)

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm + download
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2016 EU issue on 180g LP+download-The Dutch violinist Janine Jansen came up with the idea of introducing Vivaldi's most popular opus once with only seven musicians, to make it almost a slimming session in a pro play with her father and her brother. ...

My Baby My Baby Loves Voodoo!

MY BABY - My Baby Loves Voodoo!

1x LP 140 gr.33rpm
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2013 EU issue on standard LP = Impressive debut album from the band Amsterdam My Baby impresses with a very tasty brew of blues, soul , gospel and a good pinch of funk . A very mature album with powerful vocals and hypnotic ingredients.

Eefje de Visser - Nachtlicht

EEFJE DE VISSER - - Nachtlicht

1x LP standard 33rpm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2016 EU issue on standard LP- Nachtlicht is het derde album van de Nederlandse zangeres Eefje de Visser. Op dit album hebben de folkinvloeden uit de eerdere platen plaatsgemaakt voor elektronica.

Jett Rebel Super Pop =180g =

JETT REBEL - Super Pop =180g =

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g LP-After the experimental album Truck and rock-orientated album Don't Die On Me Now, the upcoming album is now his third album release in just one year. The hit song "All The Way" has just been released and shows a great pros...

Caro Emerald -Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor =2lp=

CARO EMERALD - -Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor =2lp=

2x LP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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2015 repressing on vinyl 2XLP=debut album from the Dutch Jazz vocalist Caro Emerald is the new kid on the block but boy does she sound like shes been around A voice so seductive and sultry its hard to believe she just recorded her debut album a mix o...

Caro Emerald Shocking Miss Emerald (2LP)

CARO EMERALD - Shocking Miss Emerald (2LP)

2x LP HQ Vinyl 33rpm
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2013 EU 2xLP vinyl set -Second studio album by Dutch singer Caro Emerald. The album which includes the single Tangled Up debuted at 1 in the UK Albums Chart. The Shocking Miss Emerald produced by David Schreurs. features a mix of vintage jazz and mod...

Eefje de Visser Het is


1x LP standard 33rpm
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2013 EU Vinyl=Twee en een half jaar na het succesvolle debuutalbum De Koek brengt singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser haar tweede album getiteld Het is uit Over de eerste plaat waren de critici lovend Vernuftiggedurfd en loepzuiver werden genoemd Met H...

Dierenpark Sliptong


1x LP standard 33rpm
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2002 album issue on vinyl LP by gruppo sportivos hans vandenburg

Golden Earring 50 Years Anniversary Album=180g 3LP=

GOLDEN EARRING - 50 Years Anniversary Album=180g 3LP=

3x LP 180g 33rpm=gold foiled sleeve=
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2016 Dutch issue on 180g 3LP-Recently, Holland's finest and longest standing Rock band Golden Earring celebrated their 50th anniversary, and it calls for a celebration! Formed as The Tornados in 1961, renamed The Golden Earrings and then shortened t...

Stef Bos Is Dit Nu Later

STEF BOS - Is Dit Nu Later

1xLP standard 33rpm
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( 1990 ) - 2016 EU reissue on standard LP= with tracks: "De Stilte", "Wat Een Wonder", "Afscheid", "We Doen Het Zelf", "Gek Zijn Is Gezond", "Papa", "Vroeger Is Voorbij".. Stef's first album Is Dit Nu Later appears in the autumn of 1990. When in February

Anouk Together Alone

ANOUK - Together Alone

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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(1997) - 2016 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP-Together Alone is the debut album of Anouk, released in 1997. It features her hitsingle "Nobody's Wife" produced by Barry Hay, George Kooymans and John Sonneveld and the follow-up singles "Mood Indigo" and ....

Spinvis Goochelaars & Geesten

SPINVIS - Goochelaars & Geesten

2xLP 180g 33rpm
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2007 EU issue on 180g 2LP = Goochelaars en geesten is een album van Spinvis uitgebracht in 2007. Enerzijds bevat het album een aantal reeds uitgekomen nummers van Spinvis, vooral van de cd Nieuwegein aan zee, maar ook een aantal nieuwe nummers, zoals de t

Selah Sue -Selah Sue

SELAH SUE - -Selah Sue

1x LP standard 33rpm
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2011 EU issue on standard LP- Belgian singer/songwriter Selah Sue self-titled debut album, include the singles "This World," "Crazy Vibes," and "Raggamuffin," alongside the aforementioned duet with the Gnarls Barkley frontman, "Please."

Benjamin Herman Trouble =coloured vinyl=

BENJAMIN HERMAN - Trouble =coloured vinyl=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl + Download
-- In Stock --

2014 EU issue on 180g audiophile vinyl LP + downlaod code=Dutch saxophonist Benjamin Herman's fame spread beyond jazz circles in the 1990s when he formed the groundbreaking ensemble New Cool Collective. His new album Trouble is his 16th solo work an...

Focus Focus III=180g 2LP= + bonus tr. Hocus Pocus

FOCUS - Focus III=180g 2LP= + bonus tr. Hocus Pocus

2x LP 180g 33rpm=gatefold=
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( 1972 ) 2009 reissue on 180g 2LP= with extra The U.S. single version of "Hocus Pocus" and an edited version of "Anonymus" are added as bonus tracks. The 3rd album by Dutch progressive rock group Focus , this 3rd album contained another worldwide hit "Syl

Focus Hocus Pocus (Best Of Focus) =2LP=

FOCUS - Hocus Pocus (Best Of Focus) =2LP=

2xLP 33rpm 180g
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( 1993 ) -2013 EU repressing on 180g 2LP =Hocus Pocus (Best Of Focus) manages to compile two records filled to the brim with the best that Focus has to offer. The more obvious inclusions such as "Sylvia" and "Hocus Pocus" are included in the track list al

Golden Earring Moontan =180g reissue =

GOLDEN EARRING - Moontan =180g reissue =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl
-- In Stock --

Originally released in 1973-2009 EU reissue pressed on 180g Vinyl LP - this is the album that raised Golden Earring to an international level of popularity. Includes the radio favourite "Radar Love", which can still be heard on a regular basis on r...

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