Manual Turntables: You have to do everything yourself :)
Half-Automatic Turntables: At the end of the record the arm will go up and the turntables stops turning
Full-Automatic Turntables: You push a switch and the turntable will automaticely put the needle on the start of the record, at the end it will go up, move the arm to it's rest position and switched off.
Line Output: This turntable can be connected to one of your amplifiers line inputs. You don't need a separate phono amplifier with RIAA correction.
USB Output: You can connect this turntable direct to you amplifier as well as to your computer. With special downloadable software you can make a recording on your computer.
78rpm: Gives you the possibility to play 78rpm records. Most turntables nowadays don't have this option.  

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Turntable Types
Pro-Ject The Classic Evo

PRO-JECT - The Classic Evo

Available in three nice wood colours
-- In Stock --

This turntable makes use of traditional frame design which was established by the famous turntable manufacturers of the 50's and 60's. It uses a compact simple and elegant form factor. The Classic incorporates a combination of approved belt drive d...

Pro-Ject Bluetooth turntable VT-E BT

PRO-JECT - Bluetooth turntable VT-E BT

Glossy red, -white or -black. Available for Left and Right handed
-- In Stock --

Audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with easiest possible vertical set-up including wall-mount option! A turntable set-up does not need to be complicated like rocket-science, our VTE turntable proves that. Bluetooth inside for wireless playing.

Pro-Ject Vertical turntable VT-E

PRO-JECT - Vertical turntable VT-E

Matt red, -white or -black. Available for Left and Right handed
-- In Stock --

Audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with easiest possible vertical set-up including wall-mount option! A turntable set-up does not need to be complicated like rocket-science, our VTE turntable proves that. This good sounding belt-driven deck offers 2...

Rega Planar1

REGA - Planar1

Brand new Planar1
-- In Stock --

The new Planar 1 is the most user friendly Rega turntable to date. Now with preset bias force on the brand new RB110 tonearm, the Planar 1 is set up in seconds after unpacking. Simply slide the balance weight onto the rear of the tonearm as far as it...

Rega Planar2

REGA - Planar2

Rega Planar2 - lots of music for the money!
-- In Stock --

The new Planar 2 was developed over the past two years alongside the recently released Planar 3. Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking new features. A new 24v, low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, newly desig...

Rega Planar3 ( Turntable )

REGA - Planar3 ( Turntable )

Brand new Planar3, one of our favorites!
-- In Stock --

Replacing the multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task. It took our team of designers headed up by Rega's Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new 'Planar 3' following the bigge...

Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon

PRO-JECT - RPM 5 Carbon

Ingenious styling for audiophile listeners
-- In Stock --

RPM 5 Carbon utilizes a radical concept with a lot of innovations, that originate from its big brother RPM 9 Carbon: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for a further reduced rumble. The acoustically i

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon

PRO-JECT - RPM 9 Carbon

Very nice designed turntable with Evo Tonearm
-- In Stock --

The RPM 9 Carbon uses a new extra heavy chassis which features a special CNC machined MDF plate that incorporates hard resin coated steel pellets to form an extra heavy precise sandwich construction. A special complex heat treatment and a carbon surf...

Well Tempered Lab Simplex


maximum enjoyment from your analog record collection
-- In Stock --

The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector.

Well Tempered Lab Versalex


Your cartridge will get the ride of its life!
-- In Stock --

A multi-layer “Baltic” plywood plinth finished with a walnut veneer top surface. Baltic plywood is dimensionally stable and has a very natural resonance that also results in a natural “EQ” which is excellent for our purpose

Clearaudio Concept


plug and play
-- In Stock --

Beneath the refined, contemporary exterior lies a level of technical sophistication unique to Clearaudio. The Concept's chassis comprises a core of natural medium-density wood fibre within an aluminium surround and upper layer incorporating a high t...

Clearaudio Emotion SE (Second Edition)

CLEARAUDIO - Emotion SE (Second Edition)

technically improved version of the well-known Emotion turntable
-- In Stock --

The Emotion SE package offers a complete solution to the music lover who is looking for superior sound and authentic music reproduction, but without the need for specialist technical help in matching turntable components.

Clearaudio Performance DC

CLEARAUDIO - Performance DC

with the Clarify tonearm and the Virtuoso V2 moving magnet (MM)
-- In Stock --

Are you looking for top-drawer high-end performance combined with ease of set-up and use?
The Performance DC is the most advanced of our packages combining turntable, tonearm and cartridge.

VPI Scout1.1

VPI - Scout1.1

-- In Stock --

The Scout 1.1 has all the features you want in a high-end turntable: an isolated motor, a precision machined platter, and the amazing JMW-9T tonearm. The Scout 1.1 is so simple to set-up, you can have the table up and running in just minutes. The sou...

VPI Classic1

VPI - Classic1

Wonderful turntable
-- In Stock --

VPI's Classic 1 Turntable is an homage to the incredible VPI designs that have made VPI synonymous with state of the art turntable design for the last 25 years. The VPI Classic comes standard with the incredible new stainless steel version of the JM...

Rega Planar 6 Turntable & Neo PSU

REGA - Planar 6 Turntable & Neo PSU

planar 6 Neo PSU
-- In Stock --

The Planar 6 is built around the huge success of the RP8 and RP10 turntables. It is the first new Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth (a material developed for the aerospace industry). This ma

Takumi Rik Stoet TT level2.1

TAKUMI - Rik Stoet TT level2.1

For this price it is impossible to find anything better!
-- In Stock --

The NEW Takumi TT level2.1 has only ONE thing in common with its predecessor: It really really sounds great! This new 2017 model is improved in every aspect: bearing, arm, motor and feet. There is no other turntable that offers this sound AND look in...

Michell Engineering TecnoDec w/o arm


On demo in our store
-- In Stock --

Entry-level turntable, taking the low-noise DC motor and the impedance-matched platter of the GyroDec, along with an advanced bearing on an elegant solid-plinth design with damped feet. The Michell TecnoDec requires no user-setup or maintenance.

Michell Engineering Gyro SE w/o arm


On demo in our store
-- In Stock --

Based entirely on the GyroDec, but without the costly acrylic plinth and dustcover, the Gyro SE brings the same qualities in a more affordable and compact package. A Michell Gyro SE can always be converted into a GyroDec by purchasing a plinth and du...

Michell Engineering GyroDec w/o arm


On demo in our store
-- In Stock --

The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance. The Michell GyroDec is a three-point spring-suspended turntable of medium mass, which is compatible with most quality tone arms ...

Pro-Ject Essential III Phono

PRO-JECT - Essential III Phono

essential iii phono includ ortofon om10
-- In Stock --

Essential III Phono integrating convenience! Ortofon OM10 cartridge pre-mounted
Belt drive with synchronous motor and silicone belt
Integrated MM phono stage
Diamond cut aluminium drive pulley
Chassis & platter made of resonance in-sensitive MDF

Pro-Ject Essential III

PRO-JECT - Essential III

Audiophile 'Best Buy' - Phono Pre and USB on board
-- In Stock --

Essential III offers a variety of enhancements compared to its successful predecessor
1) Belt drive with synchronous motor and silicone belt
2) Diamond cut aluminium drive pulley
3) Chassis und PlattChassis & platter made of resonance in-sen

Pro-Ject 6PerspeX SB

PRO-JECT - 6PerspeX SB

Without Cartridge
-- In Stock --

Listening tests showed that metal springs and sub-chassis limit the sonic possibilities of our subchassis turntable classic Perspective. With the 6perspeX we cut our own path: The sub-chassis is made out of ´Corean´ which shows no resonances at all a...

Pro-Ject RPM1 Carbon

PRO-JECT - RPM1 Carbon

Verbeterde versie van de RPM1.3 met Carbon Arm
-- In Stock --

The New Pro-Ject RPM-1 Carbon utilizes a lot of innovations and enhancements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an u...

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