Emotion SE (Second Edition)


The Emotion SE package offers a complete solution to the music lover who is looking for superior sound and authentic music reproduction, but without the need for specialist technical help in matching turntable components.

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This technically improved version of the well-known Emotion turntable is based on a semi-transparent chassis designed to reject harmful resonance. A 30mm-thick acrylic platter is belt-driven by a decoupled synchronous motor. The patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB) provides superb speed stability. A resonance-optimised physically separate die cast metal motor housing ensures that motor vibrations cannot harm the sound. This provides maximum speed stability and vibration-free replay of your favourite records from Abba to Zappa, from Beethoven to Schoenberg.

Matched with the Satisfy carbon tonearm and a Clearaudio moving magnet (MM) cartridge, the Emotion SE succeeds in extracting even the most delicate information stored in the record groove. Even newcomers to the world of high-end audio can now enjoy maximum accuracy of music reproduction and a superior listening experience.

Turntable: Manual
Speed: 33/45rpm
Drive Principle: Belt drive, Decoupled synchronous motor embedded in a massive metal-housing
Platter: GS-PMMA acrylic, precision CNC machined surface
Bearing: Patented, Inverted bearing and polished ceramic axle, incl. CMB-magnetic-bearing-technology
Speed drift: ± 0.2 %
Standby power: Off mode: 0.0 Watt (if main switch is in '0' position)
Dimensions: 400 x 320 x 80 mm
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