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Clearaudio Concept


plug and play
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Beneath the refined, contemporary exterior lies a level of technical sophistication unique to Clearaudio. The Concept's chassis comprises a core of natural medium-density wood fibre within an aluminium surround and upper layer incorporating a high t...

Clearaudio Emotion SE (Second Edition)

CLEARAUDIO - Emotion SE (Second Edition)

technically improved version of the well-known Emotion turntable
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The Emotion SE package offers a complete solution to the music lover who is looking for superior sound and authentic music reproduction, but without the need for specialist technical help in matching turntable components.

Clearaudio -Cartridge Break-in Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - -Cartridge Break-in Test Record

1xLP 180grs 33rpm
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This record contains Pink Noise (1/f noise), which reduces the length of the "running-in" period, along with an anti-skating check, total system noise check, frequency response check, and more.

Clearaudio Twister Clamp

CLEARAUDIO - Twister Clamp

Very nice clamp! 190gr
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LP-clamping unit with resonance absorbing locking unit and stainless steel grip. A wonderful three piece collettype Record Clamp.

Clearaudio Music-Pickup Test Record =Audiophile 180g LP=

CLEARAUDIO - Music-Pickup Test Record =Audiophile 180g LP=

1x LP 180 gr.
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The Audiophile Edition 180g Music-Pickup Test Record from Clearaudio featuring music from Opus 3!
These songs were hand picked by the top members of Clearaudio, The Suchy family!
All these selections were chosen for their exceptional dynamics, sounding

Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 EBONY


housing of ebony
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The Clearaudio V2 moving magnet cartridges are meticulously measured, analysed, and hand-selected into four performance levels. In this way Clearaudio achieves the best stereo channel matching, minimum phase error and distortion, flattest frequency r...

Clearaudio - Concept Record Clamp

CLEARAUDIO - - Concept Record Clamp

215 grs Clamp
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The ergonomic form of this record clamp is precision machined from aluminium, black anodized and finished with a silver rim. On the underside is a Teflon insert that locates over the spindle for frictionless positioning.

Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic

CLEARAUDIO - Double Matrix Professional Sonic

Double sided Sonic and Brush Cleaning
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The Sonic refers to a sonic option, in which sonic vibrations enable deep cleaning while being gentle and almost noisefree. Variable speed operation and static electricity removal as part of the cleaning process ensure perfect results.

Clearaudio Statement Clamp

CLEARAUDIO - Statement Clamp

Statement indeed!
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State of the art record clamp. Three point resonance absorption technology. Bullet proof wood and stainless steel sandwich.

Clearaudio Dustprotector Platter

CLEARAUDIO - Dustprotector Platter

VINYL harmo -nicer
-- In Stock --

The clearaudio Dustprotector is not only an eye-catcher on your turntable, it also prevents the accumulation of dust on the turntable, so you don’t have to clean the platter before using it.

Clearaudio - Stroboscopic Speed Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - - Stroboscopic Speed Test Record

for both 33 1/3 and 45rpm
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The tool to tune the optimal and exact speed of your turntable. The Stroboscope's break-in groove creates the additional stylus drag necessary to accurately measure the real-time speed of your turntable, and can also be used to break in new cartridg...

Clearaudio Professional Turntable Care kit

CLEARAUDIO - Professional Turntable Care kit

professional turntable carekit
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The new Clearaudio Professional Turntable Care kit contents:
1 x Carbon fibre brush to remove dust from your records
1 x Carbon fibre brush to clean the cartridge
1 x Metal screwdriver for assembly to the cartridge
1 x Pure Groove brush to deep-cl

Clearaudio - Elixir Of Sound (Stylus Cleaning Fluid withBrush)

CLEARAUDIO - - Elixir Of Sound (Stylus Cleaning Fluid withBrush)

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

High efficient stylus cleaning fluid including applicator brush to remove dirt and dust.

Clearaudio -Groove Care ( Record cleaning fluid ) =1 Litre =

CLEARAUDIO - -Groove Care ( Record cleaning fluid ) =1 Litre =

ready to use cleaning fluid
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( Suitable for international shipping.)
High efficient record cleaning fluid for the best cleaning results.
Record cleaning fluid with enormous cleaning power, very efficient.

Clearaudio Maestro V2 MM


housing of ebony
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Clearaudio's V2 MM technology uses ebony as a resonanceresistant body. Other ingredients of the recipe for success are the most effective reduction of moving mass, an optimized polishing technique for the stylus and highly effective cartridge dampin...

Clearaudio Perfect Points (Isolation Point / Support Feet ) 4pcs

CLEARAUDIO - Perfect Points (Isolation Point / Support Feet ) 4pcs

optimum resonance transfer
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Milled Isolation Point With Ceramic Bearing.
are a versatile, flexible and highly effective direct coupled support for your hifi components, featuring a ceramic ball fitted into a precision milled housing. Perfect Points are M6 threaded

Clearaudio Carbon Fibre Brush

CLEARAUDIO - Carbon Fibre Brush

Clean the dust off your vinyl
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A static-off brush made of carbon fibres with a static discharger in the handle. Clean the dust off your vinyl records without the use of fluid. Listen to the difference!

Clearaudio Trackability Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - Trackability Test Record

1x LP 180gr 33rpm
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This Audiophile Edition 180g Vinyl of the Clearaudio Trackability Test Record is excellent in testing the Asolute Limitations of your tonearm and cartridge and getting the most of our your Hi-Fi Set-Up!

Clearaudio -LP Drill ( for adjust LP spindle Holes )

CLEARAUDIO - -LP Drill ( for adjust LP spindle Holes )

Enlarge the Spindle Hole on your LP
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

Simple, Ingenious Clearaudio LP Drill Enlarges Undersized Spindle Holes on LPs Quickly, Effectively, and Cleanly.

Clearaudio -Vinyl Harmo-nicer

CLEARAUDIO - -Vinyl Harmo-nicer

VINYL harmo -nicer
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

A new take on the turntable mat: essentially a vinyl record with one blank side which rests against the platter, while the upper side has a fine textured finish designed to interact with the grooves on a record. The result? The best possible vibratio...

Clearaudio Professional Seal Clamp

CLEARAUDIO - Professional Seal Clamp

Keeps your label dry
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The Seal record cleaning clamp incorporates a waterproof seal providing unique protection against wetting the record label. Ideally suited for the Matrix, Double Smart Matrix, Double Matrix, Double Matrix Professional SE, Double Matrix Professional, ...

Clearaudio Quadro Clamp

CLEARAUDIO - Quadro Clamp

for more contact with the platter.
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Massive record clamping unit (390gr) in stainless steel. Designed for all Clearaudio (not linear tracking) tonearms. There is a high and a low version available.

Clearaudio Clear Contact

CLEARAUDIO - Clear Contact

clean and improve
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Clearaudio Clear Contact Cleaner effectively removes oils, carbon soils, greases and oxides from contact surfaces. Recommended for every phase of electronics and electrical maintenance.

Bottles come only half-full of cleaing fluid.

Clearaudio Weight Watcher Touch  (Digital Cartridge Stylus Pressure Gauge )

CLEARAUDIO - Weight Watcher Touch (Digital Cartridge Stylus Pressure Gauge )

highly accurate Stylus Pressure Gauge
-- In Stock --

Clearaudio's Weightwatcher gives you a convenient and highly accurate method for measuring stylus pressure, which is essential to a properly set up and accurately performing turntable. Weightwatcher couldn't be easier to use. Just place it on the platter

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