Trackability Test Record

  1x LP 180gr 33rpm  

This Audiophile Edition 180g Vinyl of the Clearaudio Trackability Test Record is excellent in testing the Asolute Limitations of your tonearm and cartridge and getting the most of our your Hi-Fi Set-Up!

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This testrecord is a perfect tool to determinate the real tracking abilities of your tonearm-cartridge combination. The amplitude of an 315 Hz signal is increased in steps from 50u to 100u. The higher the distortion-free reproduced value the better is your tonearm-cartridge combination adjusted.

Tracks side one:

  1. Radius: 146-143mm, left 1kHz 0dB
  2. 143-140mm, right 1kHz 0dB
  3. 140-137mm, mono lateral 1kHz 0dB
  4. 128-123mm, 50µ tracking ability test: 333 Hz mono lateral
  5. 123-118mm, 60µ
  6. 118-112mm, 70µ
  7. 112-106mm, 80µ
  8. 106-100mm, 90µ
  9. 100-94mm, 100µ
  10. 90-85mm, 50µ tracking ability test: 333 Hz mono lateral
  11. 85-80mm, 60µ
  12. 80-75mm, 70µ
  13. 75-69mm, 80µ
  14. 69-64mm, 90µ
  15. 64-58mm, 100µ

Track side two:

  1. Radius: 139, no signal, endless duration
  2. 127-69, approx. 15 min., 3150 Hz mono lateral

The Clearaudio Trackability Test Record starts out with your basic 'test record' test-tone right/left channel checks, then it is on to the good stuff. Tracks 4-15 are what you are focusing on when using this Trackability Test Record. 1st start on track 4 and listen for distortion. If none, move on to track 5, and so on. Once you find the track that distortion is introduced, make a note of it. 2nd, you will repeat this process, but this time starting on track 10. Listen for distortion, if none, move on to track 11, and so forth. Once you find the track that distortion is introduced, make a note of it.

Once you have determined the two tracks with which distortion is introduced, here is where you start to adjust your set up. You will mainly be adjusting (increasing or decreasing) anti-skate, but subtle adjustments to VTA, and tracking force (recommended to max) will help in getting rid of the distortion. After making each subtle tweak or adjustment, replay each track where you 1st heard the distortion and evaluate. Repeat as necessary.

Side 2 is mainly for use with the Clearaudio Azimuth Optimizer (sold seperately) and is used to accurate set up your cartridge's azimuth.

Keep in mind, the tracks used for the Clearaudio Trackability Test Record are 'torture tracks' and do not represent what you will find on a regular LP pressing. This Audiophile Edition 180g LP is a great way to fine-tune your turntable's tonearm and cartridge set up and to see what it really can do! Don't worry if you cannot get your cartridge to track correctly at 100 microns, or even 70 microns, all arms and cartridges are different and track best at different levels.

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