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Pebbles The Weight - Level I

PEBBLES - The Weight - Level I

Gives your Rega RB100, RB250 or RB251 a firm upgrade
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The Pebbles "The Weight - level I" is a simple and clever stub/counterweight modification. The mounting is different from other solutions on the market. The stub is tightened by a special nut which locks the stub firmly against the arm-end. You do ...

SEL Demineralised Water 1ltr

SEL - Demineralised Water 1ltr

1 ltr bottle from AH
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Bottle of 1 ltr deminarelised water as a complement to concentrated Record Cleaning Fluids. Normal water from the tap is full of minerals (like chalk) which can renain as a substitute on your records after cleaning. Dem water does not have these mine...

Pebbles Antistatisch doekje-Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static)

PEBBLES - Antistatisch doekje-Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static)

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Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static) -cleans your LP and LPs antistatically
Een antistatisch doekje voor het reinigen van grammofoonplaten. Wel eerst stof van de plaat wegborstelen of wassen voor gebruik.

Pebbles Fluid Dispencer

PEBBLES - Fluid Dispencer

Easy in use, no leaking and dripping
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Use this dispenser with your Okki Nokki record cleaning machine. Fill it with your cleaning fluid and wet your record more easy than with a spray bottle. You can bring the fluid on your record without leaking due to the nozzle attached to the bottle.

Pebbles Pure H2O


900ml (as complement to 100ml Pebbles concentrate)
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Fles van 900ml extra zuiver water voor mengen met concentraat - Pebbles H2O is gedemineraliseerd en gedeioniseerd water in tegenstelling tot flessen van de supermarkt die enkel zijn gedemineraliseerd.

Pebbles Total Spray 500ml

PEBBLES - Total Spray 500ml

500ml +spray nozzle
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500ml Klaar voor gebruik - maakt vuil goed los, uitstekende penetratie van de groef - maakt langdurig antistatisch
- voorkomt vorming van schimmels door vochtige opslag
- laat geen sporen achter bij drogen aan de lucht