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Knosti -Knosti Replacement tub with brushes

KNOSTI - -Knosti Replacement tub with brushes

1xtub with brushes
-- In Stock --

Knosti Replacement tub with brushes

Practical tub with two built-in goat hairbrushes for The Knosti Disco-Antistatic record cleaner

Knosti Knosti Filters

KNOSTI - Knosti Filters

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

Designed specifically for the Knosti Disco Antistat cleaning system

Knosti Knosti Replacement Dry Stand

KNOSTI - Knosti Replacement Dry Stand

1x dry stand
-- In Stock --

Knosti replacement dry stand

Dry stand

Clearaudio Micro Fibre Stripe Set - AC062/DMPS

CLEARAUDIO - Micro Fibre Stripe Set - AC062/DMPS

1x set AC062/DMPS
-- In Stock --

Clearaudio AC062/DMPS Microfiber Strips for Double Matrix Pro-Sonic LP cleaner

Clearaudio Micro Fibre Stripe Set =AC062/M

CLEARAUDIO - Micro Fibre Stripe Set =AC062/M

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

velvet Stripe for Clearaudio Matrix

Knosti Disco Antistat LP Washer

KNOSTI - Disco Antistat LP Washer

1 x standard set
-- In Stock --

The Knosti Disco-Antistatic record cleaner is a complete easy to use kit to help restore and maintain your LP's and Singles.
It provides a lasting antistatic effect with the Disco-antistat mixture provided, a special self-acting liquid that removes dust,

Audio Technica Audio Technica AT6012 Record Cleaning Kit

AUDIO TECHNICA - Audio Technica AT6012 Record Cleaning Kit

clean your records
-- In Stock --

Keep your vinyl in top shape with Audio-Technica's AT6012 Record Cleaning Kit. The Kit includes everything you need to remove dust, contaminants, fingerprints, and static electricity that can affect the sound of your records - all the while improving fide

Clearaudio Carbon Fibre Brush

CLEARAUDIO - Carbon Fibre Brush

Clean the dust off your vinyl
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

A static-off brush made of carbon fibres with a static discharger in the handle. Clean the dust off your vinyl records without the use of fluid. Listen to the difference!

Tonar Nostatic Brush

TONAR - Nostatic Brush

Now including a needle brush as bonus
-- In Stock --

The Tonar Nostatic Brush has two rows of over a million micro fiber bristles to brush away dust dirt and static. The holder has a wedge for cleaning both rows of b.....

Pro-Ject Brush-It

PRO-JECT - Brush-It

1x carbon fibre brush
-- In Stock --

Project Brush It CarbonFibre Brush For Record Cleaning. The fibers in this brush are from carbon, they are very fine and soft for your records. As an extra brushing will lower electrostatic charge because of the carbon's conductivity.

Blue Horizon Antistatic record brush

BLUE HORIZON - Antistatic record brush

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

Probrush is both simple to use and highly effective at removing surface dust from records before playing This improves and enhances your listening experience as well as preserving the life of not only your record collection but your phono cartridge t...

Pebbles Fluid Dispencer

PEBBLES - Fluid Dispencer

Easy in use, no leaking and dripping
-- In Stock --

Use this dispenser with your Okki Nokki record cleaning machine. Fill it with your cleaning fluid and wet your record more easy than with a spray bottle. You can bring the fluid on your record without leaking due to the nozzle attached to the bottle.

Tonar Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

TONAR - Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

-- In Stock --

Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)
Een naaldborstel voorzien van carbon haartjes voor het reinigen van de naald. Deze borstel is voorzien van duizenden carbon haartjes. Ze beschadigen de naald absoluut niet.De fijne carbon haartjes verwijderen ...

Ortofon Stylus Brush Carbon Fibre

ORTOFON - Stylus Brush Carbon Fibre

1x stylus brush
-- In Stock --

Carbon fibre stylus brush for cleaning the stylus

For cleaning the stylus use carbon fibre brush a few times along the cantilever in the direction of the stylus whenever you play a new record or change sides This will take all normal dust and most...

Pro-Ject Clean-It

PRO-JECT - Clean-It

-- In Stock --

The Clean-It is a Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush that is a simple but effective device that can help prolong the life of your precious cartridge and vinyl records. By using this brush, you can remove most dirt and deposits from the stylus tip, which stops...

Audio Technica AT607 stylus cleaner -Fluid and Brush -

AUDIO TECHNICA - AT607 stylus cleaner -Fluid and Brush -

With brush in the cap
-- In Stock --

A small aplicator brush is attached to the cap for easy stylus cleaning The special cleaning formula dissolves foreig...

Clearaudio Clear Contact

CLEARAUDIO - Clear Contact

clean and improve
-- In Stock --

Cleans all electronic contact parts and improves audio as well as video quality.

Nagaoka Disc Cleaning Mat ( for CD)

NAGAOKA - Disc Cleaning Mat ( for CD)

Cleaning Work Mat
-- In Stock --

Nagaoka CD -Disc Cleaning Mat

Furutech Static Charge Remover =DeStat II=

FURUTECH - Static Charge Remover =DeStat II=

Eliminates Pops and Ticks in Seconds
-- In Stock --

The Destat II from the geniuses at Furutech is my kind of accessory. It will change the way you listen to music from day one. This is the very best audiophile accessory under $500 I have ever heard of.

AM Compressed Air Cleaner

AM - Compressed Air Cleaner

-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

These are used to clean inaccessible places of Audio Equipment like Tonearm and even computer keyboards

Blows dust and debris from inaccessible areas and spray in any position without emitting any propellant

40ml per stuk

Clearaudio Vacuumtube 7 inch

CLEARAUDIO - Vacuumtube 7 inch

For Cleaning 7 inches on the Smart Matrix Pro
-- In Stock --

The easily installed upgrade for the Smart Matrix Professional. Special for the cleaning of 7 inch single records.

Milty Zerostat 3 = Anti-static Generator=

MILTY - Zerostat 3 = Anti-static Generator=

it does work !
-- In Stock --

This amazing little device known as the Zerostat Antistatic Gun is an antistatic generator which has numerous applications in any microscopy laboratory Just squeeze the trigger of the Zerostat and a steady stream of ions is released The magic comes f...

VinylVinyl Antistatisch doekje-Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static)

VINYLVINYL - Antistatisch doekje-Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static)

-- In Stock --

Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloth (Anti-Static) -cleans your record LP's antistatically
Een antistatisch doekje voor het reinigen van grammofoonplaten. Wel eerst stof van de plaat wegborstelen of wassen voor gebruik.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab = MOFI = Mobile Fidelity Record Brush

MOBILE FIDELITY SOUND LAB = MOFI = - Mobile Fidelity Record Brush

Does not charge your vinyl
-- In Stock --

The Mobile Fidelity Record Brush is Our AllTime BestSelling LP Brush Heres an inexpensive tool for keeping all of your irreplaceable records clean and cared for We are very proud to offer the latest in essential record care products The MoFi LP Recor...

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