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Ortofon Ortofon Test Record

ORTOFON - Ortofon Test Record

From world's best known manufacturer itself
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Ortofon’s new Test Record is designed to allow you to verify your HiFi system in the most natural audio surroundings at home. The Test Record contains special test signals developed for analyzing cartridge performance as well as its interaction with ...

Clearaudio Stroboscopic Speed Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - Stroboscopic Speed Test Record

for both 33 1/3 and 45rpm
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The tool to tune the optimal and exact speed of your turntable. The Stroboscope's break-in groove creates the additional stylus drag necessary to accurately measure the real-time speed of your turntable, and can also be used to break in new cartridg...

Clearaudio -Cartridge Break-in Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - -Cartridge Break-in Test Record

1xLP 180grs 33rpm
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This record contains Pink Noise (1/f noise), which reduces the length of the "running-in" period, along with an anti-skating check, total system noise check, frequency response check, and more.

Clearaudio Trackability Test Record

CLEARAUDIO - Trackability Test Record

1x LP 180gr 33rpm
-- In Stock --

This Audiophile Edition 180g Vinyl of the Clearaudio Trackability Test Record is excellent in testing the Asolute Limitations of your tonearm and cartridge and getting the most of our your Hi-Fi Set-Up!

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab = MOFI = - Geo-Disc


Best Selling Cartridge Tool
-- In Stock --

The MFSL GEO-DISC makes cartridge setup easy! You will never realize the full potential of your cartridge without setting it up properly, but let's face it... mounting and aligning a phono cartridge can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Not so ...

Pro-Ject Strobe-it Allignment Disc

PRO-JECT - Strobe-it Allignment Disc

Speed Check and Cartridge Alingment
-- In Stock --

Stroboscopic Measure Tool for Turntables very simple very helpfull. The strobe-it has two functions: It allows you to check the correct speed of your turntable and on the back of the strobeit you find a tool to adjust the position of your cartridge i...

Clearaudio Music-Pickup Test Record =Audiophile 180g LP=

CLEARAUDIO - Music-Pickup Test Record =Audiophile 180g LP=

1x LP 180 gr.
-- In Stock --

The Audiophile Edition 180g Music-Pickup Test Record from Clearaudio featuring music from Opus 3!
These songs were hand picked by the top members of Clearaudio, The Suchy family!
All these selections were chosen for their exceptional dynamics, sounding

Analogue Productions - The Ultimate Analogue Test LP

ANALOGUE PRODUCTIONS - - The Ultimate Analogue Test LP

Ultimate Analogue Test LP
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

ThisTest record was pressed at Quality Record Pressings on 180 gram vinyl. "First of all I have to say it comes along in close to perfect manufacturing quality. In comparison to lots of other test records available in the market there are nearly no warps.

Various Artists Die Stereo Hörtest LP, Vol. II  = 180g audiopile 2LP=

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Die Stereo Hörtest LP, Vol. II = 180g audiopile 2LP=

Sampler, Stereo
-- In Stock --

2015 German DMM issue 180g audiophile vinyl 2LP = Listen and enjoy the most popular test track of the STEREO editorial! To put HiFi and High End-products to the acid test, it requires correspondingly high-quality music.

In collaboration with STEREO - t

Various Artists Die Stereo Hörtest LP, Vol. I = 180g audiopile 2LP=

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Die Stereo Hörtest LP, Vol. I = 180g audiopile 2LP=

Sampler, Stereo
-- In Stock --

2015 German DMM issue 180g audiophile vinyl 2LP = Great music at full rotation is the concept behind the Stereo Best of Hearing Test LP. This double album offers 16 musical highlights from the stereo hearing test samplers I-VI in analogue perfection. The