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OST - Soundtrack- Braveheart James Horner =The London Symphony Orchestra ‎=2LP=

OST - SOUNDTRACK- - Braveheart James Horner =The London Symphony Orchestra ‎=2LP=

2x LP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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1995 ) - 2017 EU repressing on 180g 2xLP= The original soundtrack to Mel Gibson's Scottish adventure Braveheart contained all the key music from the film, but the movie and the music became such a huge hit that the release of More Music from Braveheart b

Jean-Michel Jarre Chronology


1xLP 33rpm 140g vinyl
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( 1993 ) 2018 EU reissued 140g vinyl LP - 11th studio album by French electronic musician and composer Jean-Michel Jarre, It is inspired by Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History of Time. "Chronology Part 4" and "Chronology Part 5" started out as a compo

George Harrison George Harrison With Eric Clapton and Band ‎– Live In Japan =2LP=

GEORGE HARRISON - George Harrison With Eric Clapton and Band ‎– Live In Japan =2LP=

2x LP 180gr. 33rpm
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( 1992 ) - 2017 EU reissue on 180g audiophile vinyl 2LP-‘Live In Japan’: A Joyous Celebration of George Harrison’s Career. Released on 13 July 1992, ‘Live in Japan’ captures George Harrison’s performance with Eric Clapton and remains a joyous celebration

Cardigans Gran Turismo =180g=

CARDIGANS - Gran Turismo =180g=

2x LP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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(1998) - 2019 reissue on 180g vinyl LP--including hits like "My Favourite Game"

Green Day Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band  =2LP= 180g=

GREEN DAY - Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band =2LP= 180g=

2xLP 180g 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g 2LP-Mammoth 22-track anthology, spanning 1991 to 2017! Contains two fresh songs, including a duet with Miranda Lambert. Tracks like "Basket Case," " Wake Me Up When September Ends," " Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" and " 21 Gun

Nirvana Incesticide = 2LP =180g =

NIRVANA - Incesticide = 2LP =180g =

1x LP 180g 33rpm + download
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(1982)- 2017 EU reissue on 180g 2LP- 1982 compilation with "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come As You Are," "In Bloom," "Heart Shaped Box," "Pennyroal Tea," "Been A Son," "Sliver," "All Apologies," "The Man Who Sold The World" & previously unre...

Ruben Gonzalez Introducing... =2LP=

RUBEN GONZALEZ - Introducing... =2LP=

2x LP 180g 33rpm+download
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2017 EU reissue on 180g 2LP - Available for the first time on double 180g vinyl. Includes 3 extended tracks and 1 previously unreleased track. Recorded 'live' immediately following the BVSC sessions at the famous Egrem studios in Havana. Mastered for viny

Kraftwerk Mix =2LP=


2x LP 180gr. HQ Vinyl 33rpm
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( 1991 ) 2009 EU remastered issue on HQ vinyl 2-LP -This 1991 Kraftwerk collection of often drastically remixed "greatest hits" offers a good, if slightly skewed, overview of the Dusseldorf legends' career. Inspired by the band's continuing influence on

Kommil Foo Oogst: ( 30 Jaar Kommil Foo ) =3LP=

KOMMIL FOO - Oogst: ( 30 Jaar Kommil Foo ) =3LP=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm +Bonus CD
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2019 EU issue on standard 3LP - A comilation from Flemish cabaret duo Kommil Foo, consisting of the brothers Raf & Mich Walschaerts, and they have existed for 30 years this year.

30 years of continuous making and playing. To celebrate this, they have n

Skunk Anansie Paranoid & Sunburnt  =180g=

SKUNK ANANSIE - Paranoid & Sunburnt =180g=

1xLP 33rpm 180g
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( 1995 ) 2018 EU reissue on 180g vinyl -their debut album including the singles "Selling Jesus," "I Can Dream," "Charity"  and " Weak," a.o.

Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream =2LP=

PORCUPINE TREE - Stupid Dream =2LP=

2x LP 180gr 33rpm =HQ=
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( 1999 ) -2013 EU reissue 180 gram vinyl 2LP= Including "A Smart Kid" . Stupid Dream , Porcupine Tree has unveiled a real beauty here showing why they are quickly becoming one of the most celebrated progressive rock acts today. 

Hans Zimmer - OST - Soundtrack The World Of Hans Zimmer (A Symphonic Celebration) =3LP=

HANS ZIMMER - OST - SOUNDTRACK - The World Of Hans Zimmer (A Symphonic Celebration) =3LP=

3x LP 180g 33rpm =gatefold=
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2019 EU issue on 180g 3LP Limited gatefold = A Symphonic Celebration / 180g 3xLP Limited Edition, High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve.'The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration' released by Sony Classical.

The album features the music from the Zimme

Mick Jagger Wandering Spirit  =2xLP=

MICK JAGGER - Wandering Spirit =2xLP=

2x LP 150 gr.33rpm =half speed=
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(1993) 2019 EU reissue vinyl 2LP half speed remastered = Wandering Spirit is the third solo album by The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Released in 1993 and co-produced by Rick Rubin, it features the singles, Sweet Thing, Don't Tear Me Up, Wired A

Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

OASIS - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

2x LP 180 gr.33rpm+download+bonus unreleased tracks & Rarities
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( 1995 ) - 2014 20th anni reissue on 180g 2LP+download-including the hit singles Roll With It, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova, Some Might Say,Also includes high quality download code for B-sides,

Beck -Odelay

BECK - -Odelay

1x LP 180g 33rpm + download
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(1996) 2016 EU remastered on 180g LP - Odelay was Beck's breakthrough, including "Where It's At," "Devils Haircut" and "The New Pollution." Odelay won two Grammy Awards in 1997, Best Alternative Music Album and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance

Texas -Texas 25

TEXAS - -Texas 25

1XLP 180g RED vinyl + bonus CD
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2015 EU issue on 180g RED vinyl LP+bonus CD - with hits: Black Eyed Boy', 'Halo', 'I Don't Want a Lover',
'Say What You Want', 'Summer Son' and 'The Conversation' From a certain angle, Texas could be seen as proto-Amy Winehouse. In 1997, a full seven ye

Genesis -We Cant Dance =2LP=

GENESIS - -We Cant Dance =2LP=

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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(1991)2018 EU repressing on 180g 2LP-with hits: "No Son of Mine," "Jesus He Knows Me," and "I Can't Dance". "Driving the Last Spike" and the dark "Dreaming While You Sleep". 1991's We Can't Dance marked a return to earlier aesthetics for Genesis. Edgier

Blur 13

BLUR - 13

2XLP 180 gr.33rpm +download=21st anniversary=
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(1999) - 2012 EU reissue 2LP+HQ MP3 edition , cut on 180gram audiophile vinyl-To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of their debut release Blurs sixth album 13 has now been expanded across two discs cut on heavyweight 180g audiophile...

U2 18 Singles

U2 - 18 Singles

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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2006 EU 2LP vinyl set edition, featuring 16 of their best-known songs which span their entire 26year career plus the previously unreleased tracks The Saints Are Coming with Green Day & Window In The Skies producedby Rick Rubin at Abbey Road Studios ...

Jesus And Mary Chain 21 Singles 1984-1998

JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - 21 Singles 1984-1998

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2018 reissue on standard 2LP=Chronological 21-track compilation from the Reid brothers and crew, spanning 1984 to 1998. Includes "Just Like Honey", "Some Candy Talking", "Reverence", "Head On", "Sometimes Always" and more.

Lenny Kravitz 5 =2xLP=


2x LP 180g 33rpm +download =gatefold=
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( 1998 ) - 2017 EU reissue on 180g 2xLP -Includes the brilliant single "Fly Away" as well as the bonus track "Without You" & "American Woman".

Queen A Day At the Races

QUEEN - A Day At the Races

1XLP 180g HQ vinyl =Half-Speed remastered
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(1991)2015 EU halfspeed remastered on 180g vinyl from the Original Master Tapes, = including Tie Your Mother Down," " Somebody To Love" & "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy "

Hooverphonic A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular=180g=LP

HOOVERPHONIC - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular=180g=LP

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm+bonus CD
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( 1997 ) - 2010 reissue on 180g vinyl LP-A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacularwas originally released in 1996, Hoover . Featuringthe single "2Wicky", which was featured heavily on the soundtrack of the film Stealing Beauty, starring amongst others Liv Tyl

Acda en de Munnik Acda & De Munnik =180g LP =

ACDA EN DE MUNNIK - Acda & De Munnik =180g LP =

1xLP 33rpm 180g vinyl
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( 1997 ) 2018 Dutch reissue on180g vinyl LP -Met de hits "Als Het Vuur Gedoofd Is", "Mooi Liedje", "Henk" e.v.a. 21 jaar na het verschijnen van het album, is Acda & De Munnik nu voor het eerst verkrijgbaar op vinyl. De LP bevat een insert met foto's en so

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