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Tonar Tonar QS Audio Vinyl Cleaner voor platenwasmachines

TONAR - Tonar QS Audio Vinyl Cleaner voor platenwasmachines

1x liter
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This record cleaning fluid made for use in all types of record cleaning machines currently on the market is only suitable for vinyl records (Important do not use with old 78 RPM shellac records as the liquid may do irreparable damage). Now what is so...

Tonar Record Weight - Brass with black finish

TONAR - Record Weight - Brass with black finish

760 grams brass weight with black finish
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Any vibrations in the record during playback will be picked by the cartridge and will be reproduced by the amplifier and speakers causing muddy sound, distortion and reduce detail. In order to avoid record vibrations you must make certain that the co...

Tonar Black Leather Mat

TONAR - Black Leather Mat

Improved Version
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Black Leather Mat-In order to reduce acoustic feedback from the surroundings back to the record and the cartridge a lot of effort has gone into developing turntable mats that make the reproduced sound crystal clear with great separation and detail. T...

Tonar SME type Headshell

TONAR - SME type Headshell

avalaible in black or silver
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SME type Headshell black/silver

Jelco JAC-501 Tonearm Cable

JELCO - JAC-501 Tonearm Cable

Available with straight or angled DIN connector
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Outer jacket:Flexible PVC
DIN Connector: Phosphor bronze, Brass and others
RCA Connector : Phosphor bronze, Brass and others

Jelco Headshell SME type

JELCO - Headshell SME type

12,5 gram
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This is currently the best quality head shell. Equipped with the finest quality OFC Copper Litz cartridge connection wires. Azimuth is adjustable by releasing the screw on the side of the shell.

Tonar Banana DJ Cartridge

TONAR - Banana DJ Cartridge

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Professional, yellow and strong on bass, made by Ortofon . A stylus that meets the high demands of DJs. The special heavy-duty suspension of the headshell and the spherical diamond guarantee reliable tracking. An integrated weight ring creates heavin...

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Tonar Nostatic Mat II

TONAR - Nostatic Mat II

Improved Verion
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The Nostatic mat II improved, is one of the bestselling Tonar record turntable accessories. The mat is made of a combination of felt mixed with carbon fibers. The felt cushions the record and damps the vibrations caused by acoustic feedback to the r...

Tonar Banana DJ stylus

TONAR - Banana DJ stylus

dj stylus
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The Banana DJ needle is best matched specifically for the Tonar Banana Cartridge. See related items below for the complete Banana Cartridge. This is a DJ stylus for DJ activities not intended for HiFi home use.

Tonar Headshell wires OFC

TONAR - Headshell wires OFC

4pcs set
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Tonar 99,9999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Headshell wires with gold plated clips

Tonar Aluminium Single Adapter

TONAR - Aluminium Single Adapter

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Solid Aluminium Single Adapter

Tonar Single Adapter -white-

TONAR - Single Adapter -white-

-- In Stock --

kunststof adapter voor singles, eenvoudig doch doeltreffend...

Tonar Nostatic Brush

TONAR - Nostatic Brush

Now including a needle brush as bonus
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The Tonar Nostatic Brush has two rows of over a million micro fiber bristles to brush away dust dirt and static. The holder has a wedge for cleaning both rows of b.....

Tonar Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

TONAR - Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)

-- In Stock --

Clean-Tip (carbon fibre Stylus Cleaner)
Een naaldborstel voorzien van carbon haartjes voor het reinigen van de naald. Deze borstel is voorzien van duizenden carbon haartjes. Ze beschadigen de naald absoluut niet.De fijne carbon haartjes verwijderen ...

Tonar Pure Cork Turntable Mat

TONAR - Pure Cork Turntable Mat

With label recess
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Turntable mats can make vinyl sound clearer with greater separation and detail. Cork material is known to dampen and absorb unwanted vibrations and this Tonar cork mat works very well on most turntables, due to its non-resonant properties.

Tonar Cork and Rubber Mat

TONAR - Cork and Rubber Mat

With label recess
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Turntable mats can make vinyl sound clearer with greater separation and detail. Both cork and rubber are known to dampen and absorb unwanted vibrations and this Tonar composite cork/rubber mat works very well on many turntables, particularly on steel...

Audio Technica Headshell AT-HS1 Silver

AUDIO TECHNICA - Headshell AT-HS1 Silver

dj headshell
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Audio-Technica Headshell AT-HS1 Silver