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Bob Dylan Desire

BOB DYLAN - Desire

1xLP 180g 33rpm
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(1976)2017 reissue on 180g LP =A great mid-'70s long player from Mr Zimmerman, including the full eight minute version of "Hurricane" , "Sara," & the amazing 'Isis'. Multi-Platinum 1976 Record Made With Members of Celebrated Rolling Thunder Revue and Emmy

Iron and Wine Beast Epic

IRON AND WINE - Beast Epic

1xLP 180grs 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g LP-A fine, restrained album with which Iron & Wine returns to his roots. On Iron & Wine's 2017 album, Beast Epic, Sam Beam took a conscious step back. Not only is he recording for Sub Pop again, he's stripped away most of the ...

Rag'n'bone Man Human


1x LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl
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2017 EU issue on standard 2LP='Human' is the debut album of Rory Graham, better known as 'Rag'n'Bone Man'. 2016 was the year of Rory's big breakthrough: not only did he score one of the biggest hits of the year with 'Human', he was also on the shortlist o

Joe Jackson Collected =180g 2LP=

JOE JACKSON - Collected =180g 2LP=

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g 2LP= Joe Jackson – A careful selection of hits and tracks, featuring "Fools In Love", "Is She Really Going Out With Him?", "It's Different For Girls", "You Can't Get What You Want", "Hometown (live)", "He's A Shape...

Loreena McKennitt Mask And Mirror =180g=

LOREENA MCKENNITT - Mask And Mirror =180g=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm + download=ltd=
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( 1994 ) 2016 reissue on 180g vinyl LP+download = Press play and enter the world of Loreena McKennitt, where walls dissolve into thick, billowing mists as the ground beneath your feet turns to compacted earth and the sky above opens up to reveal a black c

Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris Trio


1xLP 180g 33rpm
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(1987) 2015 EU reissue on 180g LP -Deemed the "Three Tenors" of country music, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris collaborated on this 1987 album--winning them several Grammy awards and climbing countless music charts. The gifted entertainers

Ryan Adams Prisoner

RYAN ADAMS - Prisoner

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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2017 EU issue on 180g LP +download WAV+MP3- Ryan Adams' first album of all new original material since 2014's Ryan Adams, heralded by lead single "Do You Still Love Me?", Prisoner is somehow one of the most personal yet universal works of the acclaimed si

Loreena McKennitt An Ancient Muse


1x LP 180 gr.33rpm + download=ltd=
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

( 2006 ) 2016 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP+download= Aptly, it is an echo of Homer's timeless Odyssey that introduces Loreena McKennitt's seventh studio recording, 2006's An Ancient Muse, a project she describes as "musical travel writing." This time, the.

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker =2LP=

RYAN ADAMS - Heartbreaker =2LP=

2XLP 180g 33rpm + 96/24 download=gatefold=
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2015 EU reissue on 180g vinyl 2LP+wav download=Ryan Adams's 2000 debut album which displays his leanings and features a guest appearance from country legend Emmylou Harris. Housed in a gatefold picture sleeve

Florence and the Machine Lungs


1x LP standard 33rpm
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2009 EU issue on standard LP- debut album from the hotly tipped UK outfit fonted by Florence Welch, an intoxicating mix of delicate fragility, dark humor and twisted Tim Burton style fairy-tales.

Paolo Nutini Caustic Love

PAOLO NUTINI - Caustic Love

2x LP 180gr. Vinyl 33rpm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2014 issue on 180gm 2LP =Paolo Nutini returns with a career defining new album that showcases his maverick talent and incredible vocal prowess with a maturity way beyond his 27 years. with ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’.

Bon Iver 22, A Million

BON IVER - 22, A Million

1x LP180g 33rpm + download = gatefold=
-- In Stock --

2016 EU issue on 180g LP+download=The third full-length release for Justin Vernon was produced by Chris Messina. 22 stands for Justin Vernon. The number’s recurrence in his life has become a meaningful pattern through encounter and recognition. A mil...

Bon Iver Bon Iver

BON IVER - Bon Iver

1x LP standard 33rpm + download=gatefold
-- In Stock --

2011 EU issue on stanadrd LP+ download-Bon Iver's Bon Iver is Justin Vernon returning to former haunts with a new spirit. with "Holocene," "Beth/Rest,"Minnesota Wi." The reprises are there – solitude, quietude, hope and desperation compressed –...

Eefje de Visser Het is


1x LP standard 33rpm
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2013 EU Vinyl=Twee en een half jaar na het succesvolle debuutalbum De Koek brengt singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser haar tweede album getiteld Het is uit Over de eerste plaat waren de critici lovend Vernuftiggedurfd en loepzuiver werden genoemd Met H...

Madeleine Peyroux Careless Love


1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

( 2004 ) - 2015 US reissue on 180g vinyl LP-This is a beautiful record flowing with sparse arrangements and sultry vocals. If you like Norah Jones, wait until you hear this! The 12 songs found on her 2004 sophomore set Careless Love feature a mix of acous

Leonard Cohen I M Your Man =180g=

LEONARD COHEN - I M Your Man =180g=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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( 1988 ) - 2016 reissue on 180g LP-With remarkable "Everybody Knows". A stunningly sophisticated leap into modern musical textures, I'm Your Man re-establishes Leonard Cohen's mastery. Against a backdrop of keyboards and propulsive rhythms, Cohen surveys

Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker

LEONARD COHEN - You Want It Darker

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm LP
-- In Stock --

2016 EU issue on 180g LP= Final Dark Masterpiece!
Columbia Records celebrated Leonard Cohen's 82nd birthday year with the release of the legendary singer/songwriter's fourteenth studio album, the haunting You Want It Darker. This great artist cont...

Amy Winehouse Back to Black=2LP = Half Speed Master=

AMY WINEHOUSE - Back to Black=2LP = Half Speed Master=

2x LP 180g 33rpm+download =half-speed remastered=
-- In Stock --

2016 EU reissue on 180g half-speed 2LP(with bonus album)-cut using a special technique known as half-speed mastering. containing "Rehab," "Back To Black" & rare, and live tracks including "Valerie," "Cupid" and "Monkey Man."

Agnes Obel Citizen of Glass

AGNES OBEL - Citizen of Glass

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm +download
-- In Stock --

2016 EU issue on 180g LP+download = Citizen Of Glass is the third studio album from Berlin-based Dane Agnes Obel, as the follow-up to Obel's UK breakthrough album Aventine. Agnes Obel is a pure, austere, and remarkably poised singer/songwriter from ...

Warren Zevon Excitable Boy

WARREN ZEVON - Excitable Boy

1x LP 180g 33rpm audiophile
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(1978)2015 EU reissue on 180g LP-(1978)produced by Jackson Browne,Featuring Don Henley. Lyndsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks, hits 'Werewolves Of London,''Lawyers, Guns And Money,''Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner', 'Excitable Boy', 'Accidentally ...

PJ Harvey Hope Six Demolition Project

PJ HARVEY - Hope Six Demolition Project

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm + Download
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2016 EU issue on 180g LP+download-PJ Harvey's ninth studio album, The Hope Six Demolition Project (Vagrant Records) draws from several journeys undertaken by the enigmatic artist, who spent time in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington, D.C. over a fou...

Simon & Garfunkel / Paul Simon Ultimate Collection

SIMON & GARFUNKEL / PAUL SIMON - Ultimate Collection

2xLP 180g 33rpm=gatefold=
-- In Stock --

2015 EU issue on 180g 2LP-The 19-song collection gathers such career milestones as "You Can Call Me Al," "Mrs Robinson," "Graceland," "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes," "Cecilia," "Me & Julio Down By The School Yard," "The Sound Of Silence" and "Bridge

Leonard Cohen Songs Of Leonard Cohen =180g=

LEONARD COHEN - Songs Of Leonard Cohen =180g=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
-- In Stock --

(1967 )2016 EU repressed on audiophile 180g LP =Songs Of Leonard Cohen is his 1967 debut and it is filled with songs about the dynamics between men & women but not necessarily about love They deal more with the constant struggle between the sexes On it ar

Elliott Smith XO


1x LP 180g 33rpm+download
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

( 1998 ) - 2017 EU reissue on 180g LP -the release of this 1998 album coincides with the first anniversary of Elliotts death and retains something of the grand sound of his acclaimed Figure 8 and XO recordsand combines it with the intimacy of his first tw

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