Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon Contact Cleaning Fluid

BLUE HORIZON - Contact Cleaning Fluid

simply clean the contact to enhance your sound
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Cleans all contaminants between sockets and connectors used in your audio system
Safe to use on all metal surfaces
Stabilizes similar and dissimilar metals to guarantee best possible contact and signal transfer
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Blue Horizon Spike Shoes = 4 PCS/SET=

BLUE HORIZON - Spike Shoes = 4 PCS/SET=

4 pcs per set
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Blue Horizons Ultimate Spike Shoes are designed to sit beneath the spikes that support floorstanding speakers and speaker stands They serve a dual purpose firstly they protect flooring and secondly they enhance sound quality by suppressing resonance ...

Blue Horizon Antistatic record brush

BLUE HORIZON - Antistatic record brush

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Probrush is both simple to use and highly effective at removing surface dust from records before playing This improves and enhances your listening experience as well as preserving the life of not only your record collection but your phono cartridge t...

Blue Horizon Cable Burn-in unit

BLUE HORIZON - Cable Burn-in unit

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Cable burnin, an acknowledged problem in need of a better solution
It is a wellknown fact that highquality audio and video cables improve over time when used in a hifi or home cinema system A hard closedin sound with a distinct lack of bass are th.....

Blue Horizon High Performance Mat =2 pcs set =

BLUE HORIZON - High Performance Mat =2 pcs set =

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High performance record mat -The Blue Horizon Record Mat keeps firm hold of every record played, whilst suppressing the resonance generated during playback.
It’s dual-layer design makes it easy to adapt to different record thicknesses without needing to