Stroboscopic Speed Test Record

  for both 33 1/3 and 45rpm  

The tool to tune the optimal and exact speed of your turntable. The Stroboscope's break-in groove creates the additional stylus drag necessary to accurately measure the real-time speed of your turntable, and can also be used to break in new cartridg...

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Works on both 50 Hz and 60 Hz Powered Turntables

The Stroboscopic Test Record has two sides one for the standard 50Hz or 60hz test light ambient house lighting and one for the 300hz Clearaudio Stroboscopic laser light You can check the speed of the turntable with the stylus engaged or not engaged so as to check for drag and assure correct speed while your LPs are playing It features locked grooves so you can actually use this as a cartridge break in tool

Setting the correct speed for your platter is one very important part of correct analogue setup.
Clearaudios realtime speed control strobe test record enables analogue fans to ensure that the turntable speeds is correct. The outer rings well check 33 1/3rpm the inner 45rpm.
Place this full size 12 record on your deck and set your turntable in motion. If the lines on the disc do not go forward or back you will have no adjustments to make. Because of its size this disc is far easier to use than other systems

Ideally this disc should be used with optional Clearaudio calibrated 300Hz quartz light source

The Clearaudio Stroboscopic Speed Test Record also features inner grooves for cartridge burn in

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