Twister Clamp

  Very nice clamp! 190gr  

LP-clamping unit with resonance absorbing locking unit and stainless steel grip. A wonderful three piece collettype Record Clamp.

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A wonderful threepiece collettype Record Clamp

Resonance control is effectively handled with this clamp through the clever use of three materials.
First the Delrin puck makes impedancematching mechanical contact with the record label. Secondly the brass collet puts an ultratight grip on virtually any turntable spindle and finally the stainless steel tension knob allows for proper tensioning of the clamp while adding resonate controlling mass.

The Clearaudio Twister is an ergonomically shaped, plate clamp made of high density plastic. Suitable for almost all turntable

Weight 190 grams
Height 1 3/4 inches
Diameter 3 1/8 inches

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